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For as long as I remember I have been fascinated by the human mind and how it works. For many people, taking a look into the human mind is simply trying to understand personal experiences, but for me I wish to gain a wider understanding of the vital part of our existence. I believe the mind is too valuable to be left untouched. As we grown in society we unknowingly study human behaviour attempting to find our place. I have a real hunger to become a psychoanalyst. I desire to empower individuals and help them lead better lives. It is this desire which makes Psychology and Counselling a suitable subject to study.I previously studied BTEC Health and Social Care, I covered numerous units such as psychology, sociology and developing effective communication. All of which provided the necessary transferable skills for studying my chosen degree and future career. The psychology unit provided me with an insight into behaviour, I found learning about the science of the mind and relating it to everyday life a real eye-opener. For example, learning how experiences can have an effect on our subconscious and cause us to display behaviour we may not understand. The Sociology unit allowed me to broaden my current knowledge on socio-economic factors and how they play a part in the way we see life. For example, the different ways ‘normal’ can be defined when comparing individuals from different ethnic backgrounds. The effective communication unit was useful as it taught me how to successfully overcome barriers to effective communication. For example, correctly given eye contact indicates focus and interest which will therefore build a rapport and mutual trust.I completed a work placement in a nursery with children who have special needs ages 3 months to 4 years. I found this experience to be insightful as it allowed me to experience working alongside children, viewing different types of behaviour and mental illnesses. It was also fulfilling as I felt I was making a difference. I also went to a mother and baby unit which taught me the importance of body language. For the last 2 years, I have been working as a health advisor, I advise patients with health-related issues, some life-threatening. This was my most rewarding job as I have saved many lives over the phone, from providing CPR to childbirth, the list is endless. My work experience, placement and employment have all taught me how to effectively communicate with individuals, I believe this is a skill which will be useful when studying for my degree.In my spare time volunteer with the Samaritans as a telephone advisor, I support individuals facing personal difficulties. I found this to be a gratifying experience one of which I am very thankful for. I am an enthusiastic student who likes to get involved with extracurricular activities and look forward to seeing what university has to offer. For 18 years I have taken part in swimming, dancing and drama. I am capable of balancing my studies with a social life. Once I set my mind to something I strive and see things through to completion. Being a peer mentor, working with children and being a health advisor has given me a higher level of patience and understanding of differential psychology and human nature.  In conclusion, I would like to say that I am reliable, hardworking and I believe I possess the ambitions and motivation in order to successfully complete my degree and progress into my desired career. Alongside my attitude to work, I would be a perfect candidate for a psychology and counselling degree.

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