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For getting experience one needs to take experience. Experience, one is what we get from our mistakes and other one is that we get with the passage of time and circumstances. As we get into college the first thing we look for is the placements that the college offers, whether in the name of internship or job so that when we move out of the college after three years we can stand out of the crowd and make a difference.

When a person steps into the market they expect that they will be paid for the work they’ll be doing apart from experience. In some cases, unpaid internships are what we get. Unpaid internship is controversial. They make us work hard but don’t pay. On the other hand, we get to learn new things and get a much required exposure. Some people take up internship just because of the pressure of having a heavy resume where as some people take up internship to learn new thing. The resume is important but at the same time the interest also matters.

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Lot of people look at internships, whether paid or unpaid,as if they are of no use to them. They find them tiring and unfruitful. But at the same time for some people internship turns out to be the best thing. They help a person to brush the skills that they possess. Internship not only helps a person to develop some skills, it also helps a person to shape their overall personality. They help a person in the long run. Internship expose us to new people working in a more controlled and stable environment. It helps us to learn new things from different people of different age group.

The experience that we get while working as an intern, is priceless. We get an opportunity to learn more about ourselves. It not only helps in the overall personal development, but also in the better understanding of self. It ensures that we start thinking in all the possible dimensions. It changes the perspective of a person in a better way.

It also helps a person to connect with new people with the same field of interest and form deeper and healthy relationship. All these things help a person for their own development. What we gain as an intern shapes us professionally and personally. Along with all the above stated thing, internship helps us to understand the working of the institution at a different level, something which cannot be understood just by listening or by looking around. To be successful, one needs to understand how things work out when a group of people come together for a single task.

Internship, no matter paid or un-paid, it contributes a lot in the overall development of a person and the results are spontaneous. In my view, internship is worth it. The hard work you put into it is very well paid off in terms of a new and a better human being.

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