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Flextronics International
Ltd. is an American multinational company that offers innovative design,
engineering, manufacturing and logistics services to companies for several
industries such as aerospace and defense, automobile, building and housing,
cloud, communication, consumer, digital health, energy, enterprise, health,
industrial, lighting, mechanical and power (Flextronics, 2017a). The company headquarters are in
Singapore, with manufacturing sites over 30 countries and approximately 200.000
employees. Flextronics has three mayor pillars to succeed: innovation, customer
focus and environmentally sustainable.

Having more than 30 years
of experience in the health sector, Flextronics is aware of the increase of
demand for advance medical solutions as innovative technologies disrupt the
market to improve health care and reach more people around the globe (Flextronics, 2017b). Therefore, the
company offers innovation, flexible manufacturing services and high-quality
standards. Its health care product portfolio includes medical devices, drugs
and diagnostic and medical equipment.

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Regarding the medical
device industry, Flextronics works together with 85% of the top medical device
manufactures, as the company offers strong expertise in medical design, validation,
process engineering and manufacturing of high-technological medical devices (Flextronics, 2017b). For DePuy Synthes, Flextronics
manufactures medical cases that are used to put all materials needed for a
surgery, such as implants and instruments. Figure Picture shows one of Flextronics products. Flextronics
uses two manufacturing sites to produces these medical cases in order to be
closer to the two main primary hubs of DePuy Synthes. One manufacturing site is
in Juarez, Mexico and it serves the US market. The second manufacturing site is
in Budapest, Hungary, to serve the rest of the world but delivers to the
primary hub of DePuy Synthes in Selzach, Switzerland. The external planning in
Switzerland works only to serve the non-US market, thus with the Budapest
manufacturing site.

In Budapest, Flextronics
has a Global Service Site which provides post-manufacturing supply chain
logistics service, such as distribution, reverse logistics, repair, product
transformation and service parts logistics services (Flextronics Global Services , 2011). Its customers come
primarily from computing, consumer digital, infrastructure, industrial and
mobile industries. The medical device industry came into place since 2011 when
this site received the ISO 13485 Medical Certification, which gives the
opportunity to produce medical devices with the highest quality systems and
processes (Flextronics Global Services , 2011). 

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