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Fifthly, let’s talk about how Douglas’ government created crown corporations in the insurance sector, and how it helped citizens. The Douglas government created the Saskatchewan Government Insurance office in 1945, and this office was a crown corporation that provided insurances of all kinds( except for life insurance) for cheap, with low premiums. This directly competed with many insurance providers at the time, and the competition lowered the price for different insurance services. It provided a good alternative, and a cheap one. Having cheaper insurance was great for the population because if they had the insurance, and they were in a situation that lead to economic hardship, they could rely on the insurance. Usually, people couldn’t afford insurance and in times of serious financial hardship, they would usually have to go through bankruptcy or similar. Douglas’ crown corporations in this field revolutionized this part of society, and it inspired great changeCanada as a whole later on. Sixthly, let’s discuss the political shifts he made in running a government. He was the first leader of a form of government in Canada that always consulted an advisory committee from his party( He also created the Economic Advisory and Planning Board which was a central cabinet committee, that oversaw monetary and budgetary matters. He always went over decisions with the advisory committee, and they always carefully went through different candidates for cabinet ministers. He also made other changes like the concept of cabinet responsibility, which was created so other members of the cabinet always had to seek advice on their ideas, and that all ideas had to be discussed with other members first before becoming an Act. This inspired many political reforms in systems in the governments, which still are in effect today, in places like the Senate and House of Commons.

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