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Penaeidae Rafinesque, 1815

Parapenaeopsis Alcock, 1901

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coromandelica Alcock, 1906 

Common Name:
Coromandel Shrimp, Karikkadi

Parapenaeopsis stylifera caromandelica
Alcock, 1906

Distribution :
Southern part of India (Kerala and Tamil Nadu) and off Sri Lanka, Gulf of
Thailand, the Indonesian Archipelago and Borneo.

Habitat :
From shallow waters of less than 30m depth on mud bank and on sandy mud

Collection site: Neendakara,

Average total length of females 103mm

Description: Pale
brown; rostrum and post rostral crest dark brown; abdomen with dorsal
transverse dark bands; brownish pereopods and pleopods; uropods greenish or red
brown in colour with a pale stripe along margins; rostrum straight, with
uptitled tip; 8-11 dorsal teeth; toothless of distal ¼ , reaching from middle
of second to distal margin of third antinnular article; epigastric tooth
present; post rostral crest reaching posterior margin of carapace; longitudinal
suture reaching 1/3rd  to  ½  of
the length of carapace; antennular flagella 0.35 to 0.55 times the length of
carapace; epipod present on first and second pereopods; basial spine on the
first three pairs of pereopods; telson armed with two lateral spines; petasma
with long and slender, horn-like distolateral projections, diverting proximally
and curving inward distally, without dorsal small spiniform Processes;
posteriorly depressed and medially fused to posteriorly depressed and
medially  fused to posterior plate,
latter with a pair of lateral depressions and a median boss. Anterior plate of
thelycum square and concave with a slender stem-like posterior process. Second leg usually with a distinct basial spine;
carapace without conspicuous dark patches on dorsal surface; telson armed with
1 or 2 pairs of fixed lateral spines.





Stray numbers obtained. Caught with otter trawls,  shrimp gill nets, push nets and shore seines.

Original description : Alcock, A., 1906. Catalogue of the Indian decapod Crustacea in the
collections of the Indian Museum. Part III. Macrura. Fasciculus I. The prawns
of the Peneus group: i-ii, 1-57, Plates 1-9. Trustees of the Indian Museum,

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