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Everyone has goals. Whether they include owning your own home, paying off a mortgage, providing for your family, or something else. Achieving these goals depends on things like a steady income or good health. But these can be derailed by unexpected events, such as unemployment, an auto accident, major illness, or death. Unfortunately, you can & stop these events from happening. But you can help make sure you or your family are covered financially, in case they do happen. By having the right type and amount of insurance you can continue to achieve your goals and enjoy peace of mind. The types of events that insurance can help protect you financially against include: Illness, injury or redundancy. If you can’t work, you can continue to receive ongoing incomes you can still afford to live. Major illness. If you get sick, insurance can help cover those unexpected financial commitments, such as recovery, debt repayment, lifestyle changes, home help, or alternative treatments, and death and terminal illness. When you are not there to earn a salary, insurance can help replace your lost income and fund the big goals you had for your family. Such as your children’s education, repayment of debts, and various other financial expenses. Having the right insurance can cover you day-to-day for as long as you live, and beyond. It’s important to work out what you really need, and review and update your cover as your life situation changes. Also, be wary of canceling or replacing your cover, because if your health circumstances have changed, it might be more expensive, or you might not qualify. And remember, the more cover you have, the higher your premiums will be. The right types and amounts of insurance can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that life’s unfortunate and unforeseen events won’t stop you from achieving the goals you have for you and your family. Choose the cover you need and protect the people you care about most.

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