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Everyday,we do hundreds of things in our daily lives that stay in our minds.Some things will remain in our memory for a short period of time,in comparison to other things that will stay with us forever.Ten years ago I had a near death experience as I almost drowned.This experience has been in memory,and it will most likely stay with me for ever.I have three reasons why this will stay in my mind forever.First,no matter how much I struggled to survive my efforts to survive were worthless and I was drowning.Second,is the heroic act of my dad coming to my aid and saving my life.Finally,coming back to life is something I will never forget.No matter how much I struggled to survive my efforts were worthless and I was drowning.Thinking back,allowing myself into a situation like that did not have that much thought behind it so I’ll backtrack,and tell the events leading up to my predicament.It was my friend Connor’s birthday party and everyone in the neighborhood was at his house celebrating.I was the only seven year old so I felt a little bit out of place as the majority of the people were older than me.I had been eating all day and when I managed to slide into the very shallow end of the pool I realized how bloated and tired I was.i saw everyone that was older in the deep end of the pool having fun.And then theres me,Sitting in the shallow end with the little kids splashing around.I wanted to join in on the fun and thought to myself how good of an idea jumping into the deep end of the pool to try and impress all of my older friends.One thing though,i didn’t know how to swim at the time.I had told everyone to move while waddling towards the deep of the pool trying not to slip on the rough border.Well I had told everyone to move so many times that everyone went inside to eat.While my father and friends were talking,I decided to explore the calm waters of a lake in.the water was nice and calm and I was getting deeper and deeper into the water.As I was having fun in the water a sudden fear took over me when I realized I could no longer touch the bottom.I saw the transition that the bubbles from my mouth to the surface of the water before I even realized what was happening.Quickly I thought about all the oxygen I was losing and all of the oxygen I would need to get out of the water I needed an idea.I realized that this was a very, very bad

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