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Establishing a Legal Framework for the Regulation of
Military Drones??


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The General Authority of Civil
Aviation has announced that it is in the process of issuing legislation and
regulations for unmanned aircraft in the country in order to reduce the random
spread and misuse of this type of
aircraft, which started to directly affect the safety and security of air
navigation misuse. Mr. Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Director General of the General
Authority for Civil Aviation, said, “As a legislative and regulatory body concerned
with aviation security and safety in the UAE,
we have set up a national committee to conduct a comprehensive study of the
uses of this type of aircraft.”U1    

And will develop detailed laws and
regulations for these modern UAV systems, which will be added to the existing
regulations in the country to prevent the use of airspace without the prior
permission of the Authority, in coordination with the air navigation units
concerned with the state. The Agency’s current legislation and regulations
prohibit the use of unmanned aerial vehicles near airports, residential areas,
property, public facilities and prohibited places in the State.

He explained that the new
regulations for UAVs, expected to be issued by the TRA in the coming days,
regulate the use of these systems in terms of weight and nature of use. For
example: Restrict the practice of individuals to this hobby in clubs that are
competent and approved by the Authority for this type of hobbies, and must
obtain the approval of the Commission in advance, before personal use outside
the scope of those clubs.


In addition, controls will be put in
place for commercial or service use by government agencies and commercial
companies, where they require a license from the Authority before starting any
activity for the use of airspace by these regulations, according to the
requirements of the Technical and Security Authority in this regard.



Privacy Violation He stressed d.
Jamal Al-Sumaiti, director of the Dubai Judicial Institute, said that even
before legislation exists to criminalize the indiscriminate use of recreational
aircraft, people affected by it can resort to the police, based on the
violation of privacy in the Criminal Penal Code. Fixed damages.

Al-Sumaiti told Al-Bayan that
affected persons can resort to the police, which deals with these violations in
terms of violation of privacy, and the person must prove the incident, noting
that the competent authorities should have a sense of security and social
awareness more than existing, such as the Department of Economic Development
and study The feasibility of selling these aircraft, especially those with
high-quality cameras, which can record misused clips.

The Director of the Dubai Judicial
Institute said that the use of these aircraft can be regulated in empty places,
land or places away from the lives of people and their homes, especially that
the subject of delving into the show and violation of privacy taboo in the UAE


In addition, there is often no point
in using these airplanes, which have been widely spread by young boys and young
people, to show off or portray “Salafi”, which do not benefit the
community but can harm it.



He also pointed out that it is
necessary to review the mechanism of selling these aircraft, especially in the
presence of modern types, such as connecting them to computers or people and
follow them, noting that the user can be limited to specific destinations, and
for purposes of service rather than recreational. commitment The General
Authority for Civil Aviation called on all members of the society to comply
with these laws and regulations in order to avoid their legal consequences and
to stop the indiscriminate and wrongful use of these aircraft.

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