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Employment Equity Employment equity  is the use of hiring policies  to ensure a fair representation of  members  of minority groups ,women, people with disabilities, aboriginal people, and others who  are disadvantaged in the workplace. The employment act was introduced by the Royal commision founded  by the report done by Judge Rosalie  Abella in 1986 by means of providing equal opportunities.As a minority from another country I agree with the implementation of the employee act Employment equity  solves a lot of problems in  our society as it ensures that the is no systematic exclusion  in the labor market , fairness through equal pay  and it improves the reputation of organizations  . One of the reasons to support Employment  equity  is  it  defeats systematic exclusion in the society. According to the star more than 1000 employees are under the  employment act ,thus more  of people contributing to  boosting the economy through buying selling in the market. In fact systematic exclusion  leads to people  who may feel disadvantaged  being involved in criminal activities, such as  selling drugs ,prostitution and get rich quick scams , in order to earn an income.  Systematic exclusion may also lead to protests that involve violence and looting of small business destroying and disruption in the community. In conclusion, proving that employment equity is the way forward is the way  forward  in defeating systematic exclusion. Another  advantage  of employment equity is it  ensures there is equal pay in the workplace. According to  Judge Rosalia Bella in Equality In Employment : A Royal Commission Report” equal pay of equal value is an essential element to both employment equity and  contract compliance ,for one thing employees will actaccordingly to the rules and the guidelines set by their employers  if there Lastly,employment equity  helps organizations that practice it ,be able to  improve their reputation to the public and this helps garner more sales.For instance, a company that has a disadvantaged group upon in the workplace may attract customers who want to feel represented  and employees they can relate too, so they  usually commit to such businesses.Through public relations a  business is also able to sell an image of of diversity and acceptance to the public by hiring women,aboriginal people,minorities  and other disadvantaged groups  which is a less costly and effective marketing tool to attract a larger audience in the marketplace .In this current environment were with social media about and people joining in protest for equal rights   , Employment equity  helps a business avoid  accusations  of discrimination,lawsuits and   risk of being blackballed  or brand tarnished for lack of equal opportunities.As an example, Walmart was sued for  discrimination by black truck drivers after they made a claim they were laid off at disproportionate numbers ,Walmart decided to settle for 17.5 million.Employment equality  benefits both parties  as a companies is able to improve  their reputationHowever  opponents  to Employment  claim  that employment equity leads to reverse discrimination where many white students  more qualified are turned down and employment is  offered to minorities.The claim is   the playing field is not level as intended by the Act, it rewards the disadvantaged but punishes  white people for crimes they haven’t done while making up for past wrongs.They also feel  an employee may feel discriminated  in the workplace  were certain accomplishments the achieve are overlooked by not getting promotions  ,  on the other hand,  given  to disadvantaged employees who may have done less  to deserve  such rewards.As they explain ,this  may lead to an uneasy environment in the workplace were employees demean and resent each other. What these people fail to understand is  employment equity is not a punishment  for those with certain privileges but  rather . empowering those who faces certain challenges that make it easy for them to be discriminated against.There are employment equity programs  in Canada designed to ensure  that  skills of every  canadians ,privileged or  disadvantaged are  utilised opening up job opportunities for every canadian.There are rights  legislation  in government if one might feel aggrieved  that protect against against any discrimination such as race ,disability and sex.Employment equity eliminates  systematic exclusion ,ensures fairness  and builds a company’s reputation .Those against  can continue to express the voice as it is their choice but it is here to stay.

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