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Educational toysIt is part of a market that could close 2013 with sales of more than US $ 1,600 million, according to figures from the Mexican Toy Industry Association (Amiju), through a model of home delivery of educational toys. The idea is aimed at couples with young children and consists of providing thematic toys and accessories (music, dinosaurs, colours, art, science, etc.) on a monthly basis. Secure the purchase through memberships for three, six or 12 months, as does the company Kiwicrate. Beauty ClubIn Mexico, the per capita consumption of cosmetics is the US $ 78, and the value of the industry is estimated at the US $ 9,100 million, according to the National Chamber of the Cosmetic Products Industry (Canipe). Take advantage of the weakness of Mexicans for these products with the creation of a club in which members receive monthly beauty kits with launches and samples tailored to their needs. The added value is that customers receive their orders at the door of their home or office. Protection to the doorThere are still those who avoid buying condoms in broad daylight because of grief or lack of confidence. Thinking in this market offers the delivery service of these products at home. Enable a Web page where the client can order the amount and brands that you want as well as pay online to receive your order in comfort (and discretion) of your home each month. In Mexico, men between 30 and 34 are the most likely to be infected with the HIV, according to Capsids. Rubber Car maintenanceIn 2012, the number of automobiles in Mexico reached the figure of 27.81 million units, with Mexico City, Nuevo León and the State of Mexico the entities with the most vehicle presence, according to Vehicle Park Statistics in Mexico. Develop a model of assistance and home service and offer your customers the option to save time by not having to take or pick up your car from the workshop. An advantage of this model is that you do not require a room to operate. Batteries at home  Tortillas by subscriptionA Mexican consumes 78,498 kilos of tortillas per year, according to the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra). The business opportunity is to take advantage of the popularity of this food and add value from your scheduled delivery home. The purpose is to create a community that, through a monthly subscription, can order the amount you need each week. The offer is enriched with light tortillas made from nopal or amaranth, and online payment. Fashion without leaving homeIn 2012, the Mexican Internet Association (Amipci) reported 45.1 million Internet users in the country. Of them, 51% are men and 37% browse the Web to make purchases online. Take advantage of this trend and design a site that offers male consumers the opportunity to dress in fashion and with clothes that favour them, advised by fashion experts via Skype. Complement the service with free shipping and the option to buy online only the clothes that they like the most. About us:It offers the option of fast or healthy food with the advantage of ordering it via the Internet and paying it online.

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