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Ebola is a transmissible virus/disease that had first occurred in Sudan, this disease has been found in generally Africa but there have been very few cases in America and also Europe. This disease is known to be a “hemorrhagic” which means the patient will bleed alot. Studies have shown fruit bats and possibly monkeys to have the same blood of a ebola patient. Ebola had first originated in West  Africa and originally, 2014 wasn’t the only ebola outbreak that had happened.The first actual patient that was known to have a disease similar to ebola was all the way back in 1976. There  have been three outbreaks one in 1976, 2007 and the largest, most well known event was the Sierra Leone outbreak which had become quite a controversial topic among media outlets. Ebola had caught a lot attention once it had hit sierra leone and there were over a 1000 people who had gotten infected. Then countries in west africa like Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone.  Eventually the disease had reached Liberia infecting over 10,000 people killing over 4,800 people in 2014.  The Liberia healthcare system had many issues due to the civil war ,which had ended in 2003 leaving only 50 doctors in a country of 4.3 million people. Liberia got hit with Ebola or more formally known as Ebola Virus Disease ( EVD) around August the country got their first reported case.And after that the situation got out of hand quickly considering the country did not have any good medical facilities. This disease not only caused a chaos among normal civilians but also had gotten people alarmed and damaged their confidence in the health system. Many pregnant women started having more stillbirths and also showed an increase in pregnant woman mortality. Liberia as a country was quite damaged , the leading cause of this devastation was the war which had played a huge role in many aspects. The standard of living can be referred to the graph below. Looking at the graph you can see that Liberia as a country is still developing marking it one of the top countries who make less than 1.25 dollar. Another thing you can see looking at the graph Liberia has low productivity, less human capital , more involvement in the traditional economy which is mostly subsistence farming ( farming only for their own wellbeing no profit).  There are barely any human resources , which makes the country’s people below poverty line which also shows why there is a such a concern for healthcare and also the need for awareness. Birth rate is the number of live births in a population a 1000 people, as of 2012 the world bank had declared the average birth rate ( per 1000 people) being around 19.6 in the world.  According to the CIA these statistics have dropped by 1.3  considering that the birth rate around 2007 was considered to be 20. However the Sub Saharan region has been known for having the highest birth rate in the world. Due to EVD ( Ebola Virus Disease) in Liberia ,people ( scientist/doctors) were expecting a drastic change in maternal mortality or even a decrease in fertility rate but looking at the graphs below varying from 2004 all the way 2014/2016 you can clearly see how there was barely a change in the birth rate at all due to Ebola. Ebola had happened around the summer of 2014 it had hit Liberia around August and had a reported 10,000 cases related to the disease in a time span of 6 months. An article had said that during the Ebola outbreak many  private hospitals were closed down leaving only one in the entire country to have the supplies needed to get rid of the disease. The maternal mortality was not affected entirely but had brought a sense of concern among pregnant women. But in one way or another the birth rate decrease shows that people were finally being awarred about contraceptives. This could also be shown as women taking precautions due to the spread of ebola ( which was killing people rapidly).  Shockingly ebola was not the reason the birth rates fell from 2004 ( 41/42 live births per 1000) to 2014-2016 ( 35/34 live births per 1000) .  Majorly it was the spread of awareness but ebola could be one side factor that had led to this sudden decrease.Death rate is the measure of the number of deaths in a particular population this is usually out of 1000 people in a population. The average death or more formally known as mortality rate in the world  is around 7.8 as of 2016 earlier around 2009 the death rate was 8.37 which means the death rate has dropped in a matter of 5 years.  In the West African country the average death per 1000 people was 9.90 as of 2014/2015. Ebola was expected to bring an increase on the amount of people die in the infected countries like Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria and most importantly Liberia. But there were other causes that lead to death. In Liberia the death rate of 2000 was around 16.58 per a population of 1000 people , but later on after a time span of 10 years the death rate decreased to 10.08. Eventually became 9.9 by the end of 2014. People have questioned how ebola killed more 4000 people in a country affecting doctors and healthcare. But as mentioned in the paragraph earlier there were other leading causes of death that had impacted the death rate. Looking at the graph above you can see that since the Ebola Outbreak of 2014 the number of people affected by EVD ( Ebola Virus Disease) were not as many people compared to diseases like HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Syphilis or even hunger. Number of deaths by HIV/AIDS were over 600,000 making it a major issue till date. The amount of still births however and maternal mortality had remained the same. The John F Kennedy Medical Centre did not operate on any pregnant women, due to which many women didn’t have any proper medical assistance in order to give birth in a healthy manner. Ebola played little to no role in the decrease/increase of deaths, hunger was more of a concern than the virus apparently. Issues like tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS that have been going on for quite a while have more of an important factor in the death of pregnant women, babies, men, and also seniors. In the end Ebola is an issue which could’ve been resolved in a few months with the right techniques. However media has played an important role in making Ebola into a world phenomena, media outlets like Al- Jazeera, CNN, CNBC, ABC NEWS, and not to mention BBC. This had become a controversial issue due to people making false rumours on Ebola , for example commenting on the outbreak of Sierra Leone ” the world will be tarnished by the outbreak of ebola” said a very well known news outlet. Countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea are considered to be still below poverty line unfortunately making little to no change in the healthcare systems and prevention of contraceptives. This also shows the reason why Ebola had started in the first place lack of sanitation and no irrigation of water also leads to other diseases such as chlorela. In order to prevent things like these from happening people should be educated in at least a minimum level about cleanliness, sanitation, Caesarean section ( another way to give birth) and also have awareness about the major healthcare issues that are going in third world countries. The only way to stabilize the birth and death rate completely making sure it is the right place for every child born in these developing countries is by spreading awareness and providing positive attention on media outlets and social media instead of making it into a worldwide controversial disgrace. “everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services.”  – United Nations,  Human Rights article 25 .

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