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Eating a healthy diet containing fruits and vegetables gives us enough vitamin, minerals and fiber. They are also low in calories. Eating variety of fresh fruits and vegetables may reduce our weight and control our blood sugar.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) new guidelines for healthy eating, and the true superstars of the new plan are fruits and vegetables. The USDA has now developed a healthy food plate. On this plate, half of the items should be fruits and vegetables. They are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, phyotochemicals and fiber.

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What kind of fruits and vegetables to eat?

All types of fruits and vegetables good for our health. Eating plenty of variety fruits and vegetables have lots of nutrition our body needs.

Experts recommend that our diet should consist of rainbow colored fruits and vegetables to get all their health benefits.

Make sure fruits and vegetables can be obtained by all different colors. Look for greens, reds, blues, purples and yellows. The bigger the selection, the more phytonutrients they will contain and also have great healing powers.

Rich breakfast

Breakfast is essential for good health. Start your every morning with enough fruits and vegetables.  Do not skip breakfast anyway; because skipping breakfast very harmful for health. It is not only breaks the fast, it is great start of your metabolism.

What to eat?

Try to eat four type’s fruits and three types of vegetables at the time of your breakfast. You can eat oatmeal, yogurts, Wheat germ, egg, almond butter, flaxseeds, nuts, grapefruits, Bananas, watermelon, berries, coffee and tea. Drink half of glass fruits or vegetables juice without added much sugar. 



Balanced meal keeps you energetic and healthy. Take some fruits and vegetables salad with your lunch. Try to eat vegetables sandwich. Put avocado, sprouts, tomato, carrots and lettuce in your sandwich. You can try a bowl of soup with different vegetables.


Eat vegetables sticks or ball with peppers, green beans, carrot and celery. You can eat some dry fruits such as raisins, dates and apricots etc. Eat some fresh fruits banana, apple, grapes, orange, nuts and peas. If possible drink a glass of fresh fruits juice.


Dinner is important and significant meal of the day. It is the largest meal of the day. Firstly make a fruit or vegetable salad. Combination of fiber and protein help you feel full for longer. You can eat steamed or frozen vegetables. Eat some protein rich vegetables like soybeans, green beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds. When you cooking rice add some frozen peas. Drink a glass of lemon or orange juice.


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