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During my stint at Bharti Airtel Ltd, one of the
leading companies of telecommunication and internet service provider, I was
assisting the local networking team to design and lay out a networking plan for
an institute. That institute had six branches all over India and demanded a
private secured connection to deliver and receive confidential documents from
one branch to another. With a private connection they also wanted an
authentication window and a centralized control over the whole network. The
team faced a couple of dilemmas that were to pick one particular routing
protocol for the whole network among many available options and to choose which
authentication protocol to implement. Instead of just waiting for a solution by
senior members I decided to lead the team of interns with the permission of my
team leader.  Despite my lack of
professional experience prior to undertaking this internship I had a sense of
how to collaborate with my colleagues and my seniors, which I acquired from my
experience as the treasurer and public representative of my college’s dramatic
society “Et Cetera”. Before presenting my suggestions to the whole team I
thoroughly researched and weighed the advantages against the disadvantages.
After theoretical work I discussed the plan, implementation and my point of
views with other interns, distributing individual responsibilities to each
intern. Post successful experimental outcomes and positive feedback from other
interns, going as per the hierarchy, I illustrated the plan to the seniors
through a well-designed presentation. I suggested the team to use OSPF routing
protocol without link-local addressing for IPV4 subnets and to use DIAMETER
protocol for local systems and Kerberos authentication system for the
centralized system for authentication, authorizing and accounting instead of
using Kerberos for all the authentication gateways. Appreciating and applauding
my efforts and approach, seniors considered the authentication protocol
suggestion. However they rejected the other suggestion but I completely
understood their perception and reasons. I took that as a positive learning
lesson and was thankful to them for their time, assessment and guidance. My
initiative, leadership and problem solving skills assisted the organization
maybe not at the macro level but surely at the micro level.

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