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Due to
a rise in population, lack of sex education, consistent change in economy, and social
instability, couples and single adults are faced with an inconsonant decision
of terminating a pregnancy due to unfortunate circumstances. Considering this, abortion
in the united states has been around since the mid 1800’s due to its commonality
with the use of unsafe and illegal medical practices, that is, until the early
1900’s when the united states deemed it unconstitutional. Every woman should
have the right to aspire abortion. Abortion should be legal in the united states
because many women, or couples will still seek an unethical way to terminate it
by any means necessary, even if it means to cause harm, birth defects to an
undeveloped fetus, and sterilization to the female. Because of the fact, this
topic has been an ongoing argument between the citizens of the united states
and members of the government for years hence the fact why Roe vs. Wade is such an important case.

this in mind, Connecticut passed the first law criminalizing the medical act of
abortions in 1821, many states followed this example soon after. Subsequently, this
case is closely related to Doe V. Bolton,
and United States V. Vuitch; both
took place around the early 1970’s. These two cases (and many others) are the
building foundation to the most recent cases such as Planned Parenthood V.
Casey (1992), and Whole Woman’s Health V. Hellerstedt (2016). Each of these
cases is a living proof in regard to women fighting for woman’s rights to terminate
pregnancies as they choose; this is stated as protection of privacy according
to the 14th Amendment (Along with the 1st, 3rd,
4th, 5th, & 9th). On the other hand, the
opposing party (Wade) believe that once conception is established, the undeveloped
fetus is deemed a “human”. As previously stated, the inflation in population,
inadequate sex education, and many other factors such as lack of income can
hinder a couples or single adult to provide the proper care for a child without
being financially, mentally, or physically competent.

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