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Drinking and driving is among the worst habits that takes thousands of lives each year. Most of those killed are just innocent people while their behavior did not lead to their death. A death from drinking and driving does not only affect the victim but it affects people close to them such as family and friends. All it takes is one day, one drink, and one mistake for drunk driving to take lives. Drinking and driving mainly happens when people are partying with friends or are just having drinks that contain alcohol. Mostly when people are drunk they tend to think that they are invisible. That is a wrong choice and it can lead to fatal consequences that can very well be avoided. There are many solutions that can work to prevent drunk driving but they will only work if we put them into play.

          There are many effects of using a road vehicle while in the influence of alcohol they include, lower attention span, slower responses, unable to recognize danger, weak predictive skills, over confidence, and lower visual activity. There are multiple solutions to drinking and driving and one is more checkpoints for drunk drivers. That increases the chances of people getting caught and arrested. That makes people more cautious and some may decide not to drink and drive because of the consequences. Sobriety checkpoint are an effective solution for decreasing the number of deaths caused by drinking and driving. Some may believe that the checkpoints are very random but in reality, they do a lot more good than bad. Another solution is having a designated driver when out drinking and they should be willing to drive their drunk friends or family home. Designated drivers prevent the people that they are giving a ride, to get in an accident and injure people or take lives. They are hero’s because they save lives and cost nothing and are also highly effective. In 2011, drunk driving caused 9878 deaths because of the wrong choices. Teens mostly get convinced by their peers into drinking and driving. They think it a cool thing to do when in reality it is the very opposite because they do not realize how much one drink can do. One drink can change many lives in a matter of minutes. One solution can be to raise the legal drinking age to prevent young drivers to start drinking and driving because the effect of alcohol is more on young people. In the long run drunk driving is a very big problem that needs to be fixed.

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          Drinking before driving is a bad idea because it risks the drinker’s life and puts them at a very big disadvantage and also makes them very likely to risk other people’s lives on the road. Alcohol is a depressant and many peoples driving skills are already lacking while they are sober, so to be drinking and driving would cause the driver to be reckless and that shows how they have extreme disregard for their life and lives of people on the road. 

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