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Dogs are not our whole
life, but they make our lives whole. –  By Roger
Andrew Caras. There is no denying that pets are great companions
for kids and adults alike.  There are
people who think that having pets at home makes kids and elders prone to
allergies – but it has been scientifically proven that kids growing up with
pets are at lesser risk of allergies and asthma, and that is why I stand before
you to share my beliefs on the topic that of home should have a pet.

Pets are a great way of keeping you fit, mentally
and socially. Being mere companions, pets have shown increasing scientific evidences
to prove that they are helpful in keeping their owners fit, healthy, and
social. If you don’t believe me, I have some theories. Why is it that most of
the dental clinics have a fish aquarium? Scientists found this answer by a study of patients waiting
in dentist surgeries. They believed that watching fish swim
around an aquarium with ample space is as effective at reducing stress as
hypnosis. Later on this theory was proved correct by the scientists. Next
theory, does something happen when you stroke or pat your cat? Stroking and patting a cat can
reduce the physiological indicators of stress, including high blood pressure.
Final theory, why do people who walk their dogs are seen more friendly and approachable? Research undertaken by the University of Western Australia
has found that owning a pet can also benefit the whole community. The
researchers found that pet owners, in particular dog owners, were more likely
to acknowledge and greet other people
in the street, exchange favors with their neighbors and meet others in their

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Also, believe it or not, pets
are a great way to enhance your mood. People
with pets are generally happier, more trusting, and less lonely than those who
don’t have pets. They also visit the doctor less often for minor problems. One
reason for that may be that your pet gives you a sense of belonging and
meaning. Petting your cat or dog feels like heaven as it can lower your blood pressure and
help your body to release a
relaxation hormone, which cuts down on levels of a stress hormone. Most pet
owners agree that snuggling with a cat or dog after a hard day of work can
instantly produce feelings of happiness and relaxation. That warm fuzzy
reaction you get when your dog licks your hand or your cat rubs against your
leg isn’t merely a fluke. Numerous studies have proven that spending time with
a pet can eliminate stress and improve your overall sense of well-being.

According to me,
one of the most enriching and delightful experiences in life is to own a pet.
An animal which you foster and take care of by yourself or with the help of
your family is bound to be an almost never ending resource of joy and
happiness, a creature which will be very grateful to you and who will amaze you
with its tricks and personality. When you get a pet you
will have to take care of a creature which will depend entirely on you. The
life or death of another being will be in your hands and this alone will make
you a more responsible person. Owning a pet is not something that you can do without having to
give it a significant amount of your time. This usually means that you will
have to make room in your schedule for your little friend something which will
put your time managing skills to the test. Having a pet and getting organized
around it is a good exercise to develop time managing abilities.

Also, everyone knows how all pets, are loyal, but
even they have many drawbacks. The first drawback is that they can sometimes
cost you a fortune. Secondly, the problem with them is that you can’t go on
holidays without making arrangements for them, nor you can take them everywhere
with you. Thirdly, these pets can be a nuisance for you. For example my second
dog broke my watch and my iPod and put me in a loss. Last, losing a pet can be
very heartbreaking. Sometimes, many people don’t recover from this trauma for
at least a decade.

 At the end I
conclude that, having a pet makes you responsible, caring, selfless, and much
more. Becoming a great way of entertainment, they make a place in your heart
and when it’s time to go, their goodbyes become very hard. Sometimes, people
teach us a lot of things but even a pet can give you a life lesson. The change
we need in ourselves is to try not only to be “God gifted” but also to be “Dog

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