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Document A (Harriet Beecher Stowe – Uncle Tom’s Cabin): “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, a book established in 1851, had such an extensive impact to Northerners, that they wanted to end slavery, while Southerners wanted to keep slavery. This relates to the Civil War because slavery created a clear dividing line between the North and the South which caused the country to no longer be unified which led the South to secede the Union. Document B (Bleeding Kansas): This event took place between 1855-1861, among pro-slavery forces and anti-slavery forces. This relates to the Civil War because pro-slavery forces had the intention to turn Kansas into a slave state. Kansas had popular sveriegnty and therefore could decide if it wanted to become a free state or a slave state. The “Border Rufians” were pro-slavery followers that crossed the border from Missouri to Kansas to make a decision if Kansas should be a slave state or a free state.Document C (The Dred Scott Decision): This landmark supreme court case took place in 1857. It was a decision meant that the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional. The federal government was powerless to act on the issue of slavery which led to elation in the South and dismay in the North.Document D (The Raid On Harper’s Ferry): This event tried to create a large scale slave uprising that wasn’t successful, but created sectional tensions and showed that white southerners could not live in the North safely. This ignited sectional tensions meaning that the North and the South did not agree with each other on slavery ideals which led to the Civil War.Document E (The Election Of Abraham Lincoln): This was a very important presidential election in all of American history that took place in 1860. This shows clear dividing line between the North and the South, and it shows that each voted for two different parties based on ideals.Document F (John Brown):  John Brown was against slavery, so his plan was to start a battle to eliminate slavery. This relates to the Civil War because he was one of the people that wanted to prevent slavery from becoming excessive in the future. Document G (Fugitive Slave Act): The Fugitive Slave Act was a law given to Southern slaveholders basically  providing them with weapons to be a rebellion over slaves that tried to escape to the free states giving the Southern slaveholders more power to control the slaves trying to escape.

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