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Do you enjoy playing
video games and want to make a living from it? Have you ever wondered why a
growing number of teens and young adults play video games a lot? Professional
Gaming is a fairly new, yet valid and enjoyable career choice for young adults
who aspire to play video games for a living. Professional Gaming is basically a
form of competition that is run by video games and Is a career that the
majority of the population can attain. Before we get into what specifically
Professional Gamers do and what their lives consist of, let’s focus on how they
get to where they are today.

of the first parts of becoming a Professional Gamer is finding a college that
specializes in Gaming that deals with coding. There are programs in colleges
that help teens and young adults pursue their dream in Professional Gaming. The
Michigan Technological University (MTU) has a unique path that puts Coding with
Professional Gaming by allowing the students to make a AI game together and
then instead of regular beta testing, they compete to see who can win. This
program is formally known as the annual BonzAI Brawl (Russell 7 of 11). Another
college that helps teens prepare for Professional Gaming is The University of
Southern California (USC). USC specializes in game animation, game audio, and
game entrepreneurism (Russell 8 of 11). But of course it is best known for its
eSports team that takes part in all sorts of competitions in various games
across the country.

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            After a young adult has passed college, they have a
choice of going part-time or full-time. A career in Professional Gaming is
mainly done successfully full-time. However, it takes a lot of work to being a
Professional Gamer (Leng 11). Even though it takes more work to go full-time in
Professional Gaming, it offers more opportunities such as contracts on teams
and earning sponsorships on such teams. Along with going full-time, there are
quite a few benefits such as: earning enough make a living, create a following
through social media, and retire earlier. On average, a full-time Professional
Gamer makes around 100,000 dollars a year (Varies with different contracts)
(Mike 8).

            After a Professional Gamer has signed a contract, they
enter an eSports team to compete in a certain game in a competition. This mainly
consists with series of multiple competitions with different video games such
as: Call of Duty, Dota2, League of Legends (LoL), and World of Warcraft (WoW) (Furlough
3-4).  Each contract is either active for
a full year or a season like how an athletic team gets signed. A great example
of a successful Professional Gamer and his team are FaZe Temperrr and the FaZe
clan. He has built a team from the ground up and has pursued his career in
Professional Gaming. The FaZe clan’s reputation is best known for playing
various Call of Duty games. They are considered one of the best Call of Duty teams
in Major League Gaming today.

            In conclusion, Professional Gaming is a valid career choice
for young adults who have played video games and aspire to make a career out of
it. Professional Gaming is being done successfully, plus there are classes and
training to help people prepare for the career. Teens and young adults that
love to play video games should look into some programs to help them prepare
for a career in Professional Gaming. It may be quite challenging, but it will
be worth it when you succeed.

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