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have been a part and parcel of the Sri Lankan livelyhood, since this is an  island unprotected to enormous the Indian
Ocean. Due to natural climate changes like Global warming and climate change
has increased natural disasters like floods, droughts, storms, earthquakes,
landslides etc. Human activities are being an impact on climate system is cristal
clear, and the recent anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases are the
highest in history.The Sri Lanka is a one of the country which is deployed in
South Asian region and surrounded from the Indian Ocean. Because of the various
geographical features, the country having 
 interesting coastal and land
area. But, this Island is also facing many more  disasters. Therefore, the country should  have specific well trained group of people to
involve any disaster situation may occur.

designing of, The Disaster Management Center under the Act, No. 13 of 2005, the
tasks flowing very easy way. Their main task is to prepare of Disaster Management
plans under various categories. The human life, property
and the environment of Sri Lanka is being   threatened  and endangered due to certain disasters taking
place within the territory of Sri Lanka and 
it has become necessary to protect human life and property of the people
and the environment of Sri Lanka from the consequence of these disasters, by successfully
dealing with them from a national perspective by the preparation of a national
policy and a plan and by the appointment of centrally co-ordinated committees
and institutions to give effect to such policy and plans. This disaster
management program encourage as a national program with the support of
Department of Meteorology, District and Divisional secretariats, military
services. As well as at the end Disaster Management Center mechanism.

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3.         Sri Lanka Army involve to the
disaster management under the national disaster  management  program. Sri Lanka Army plays a memorable role
during the disaster occasions. The army is always giving maximum  support  for reconstruction  programs after disaster incidents. This
mediation is a national task because, Army participation is more useful than the
activities of the civil authorities are doing. During the post conflict, war
period, this is a one of the main tasks which Army performs.           

 The Sri Lankan Army has played a significant
role in all past disasters and learned many lessons for future task also.
Because, Sri Lanka Army, having well trained soldiers to face any kind of
situation happens. As well as the government used to handing over that
responsibility to the army when that kind of disaster situation occurred.

 5.        In
the historic government were used to provide facilities for displaced people
through Grama Niladari and Divisional Secretariats in that particular area.
This mechanism was taken a long time to provide facilities for necessary
victims. However, that process was changed with the huge Tsunami disaster come
in the year 2004.           

6.         This
service paper is trying to find some solutions for national disaster management
system and how the Sri Lankan army has been involved as an organization. Not
only that, what kind of actions will take place for the future disasters occasions. 

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