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Digital world is digital marketing services that are available
to everyone. It is actually a world full of advancement, opinions, creative ideas
and learning. In other words we can say that digital world is a human world
that has been driven and transformed by technology and by digitalized ICTs in
particular. The virtual environment that has been constructed and developed
through computers and enhanced by the internet, and contains or allows
processing and storing of digitalized data. Easy access of internet to everyone
had made it possible for all of us to connect whenever we consider it
necessary. Many people commonly say that “we are living in a digital world”.
Now what they actually mean by this expression is that more than 50% of the
global population is connected to internet and the mobile is further driving the
internet connectivity at a rapid rate and according to a report 68% almost 2.2
billion out of 3.8 billion of connected audience is an active social media user
on their smartphones. Adweek reported that, the consumer’s attention is
shifting from televisions to smartphones and social media. Mobile phones are
another advancement in the world. First bar phones with only call facilities
was available, but after 2007 this changed dramatically as it was the entry of
smartphones and a new era had started. The new phones offered GPS and internet
support, this encouraged users to shift to these smartphones which are a
cheaper way of connecting to internet. This meant that internet will now be
available to most of the population at a cheaper rate, so a rapid increase was
expected by the owners of these mobile phone companies. Basis of competition in
the world have changed by the access to the digital world. New technologies
like augmented glasses, it is a young technology and can be used for real time
instruction and guidance. These new and efficient technologies have changed the
human world dramatically.

Digital world is the new era of technology in the human world.
New technologies are adopted by almost every country in the world. Some
countries like Japan, America and China have resources to make new technologies
and new machineries and some countries do not have resources, hence they import
some of the required heavy machinery from these countries for their country’s
development. Japan is one of the most prospering countries of the world when it
comes to digital world. Japan in recent years have developed so much that
almost every technology, machinery and devices are manufactured here. Japan’s
electronic machinery and products are famous all over the world and that is the
only main reason why most of the investors are keen to invest in these products
to gain as much profit as possible through exporting these products all over
the world. Led televisions, smartphones and air conditioners etc. are commonly
manufactured here. A new trend of robots and robotic technology is recently
introduced by Japan. These robots are tested recently, by assigning them
different tasks and jobs like housekeeping and waiters in hotels and restaurant.
Artificial intelligence is another common term related to the robotic world, AI
is a globally known term, and it is mainly used to perform narrow tasks. It is
one of the major fields of study in computer science and machine learning. It
is applied when a machine mimics subjective functions or tasks that human
associate with other human minds. This includes new automatic learning and
problem solving. AI is surely one of the long term goal of the future. Japan
has the largest international cooperate conglomerates and that is why the first
electronic computer was made here in 1956. Japan is a stable country and has
competition with other countries and the basis of competition had changed
because of advancement in the technology, Japanese have created a new world by
combining two words mechanics and electronics. A digital machine is defined as
a machine with computer control. According to a research by Tokyo University
30% are industrial robots, machine tools and bending machine which had let
Japan to emerge as one of the finest country that had succeeded in the modern
digital world. United States of America is also a well-known industrialized,
modern and digital state that is getting even more advanced on daily bases when
it comes to digital technology. America has one of the best digital marketing
statistics sources. America is also one of the most active country when it
comes to digital industrialization, that is the reason why America is also
known as a powerful state on behalf of economy because they export digital
machinery and heavy military weapons to other countries and this makes America
one of the best exporter and competitor on the bases of digital world and
advancement. Social media is a common term under the category of digital world,
America is also among the countries that are most active user of digital media
and social media. According to Newzoo’s global mobile market report in April
2017 United States has 7th rank with 69.3% smartphone penetration
and 226,289,000 smartphone users out of population of 326,474,000. NASA
headquarter located in Washington D.C started in 1958 is also playing a
significant role in America’s advancement, it is the first to make satellites
which help scientist learn more about Earth, NASA scientist study things in
solar system and even further away. According to NASA in future they will send
humans to explore asteroids, Mars and beyond. China at first was known as one
of the most cultural country but in recent times China is well known for its
digital advancements. Almost every technology and machinery is manufactured
here, but China is not that famous for it. Actually it is well known for its cheap
replica of the original product. China produces high to low quality replica of
the original product like smartphones and offer that product in a way cheaper price
that is the reason why Chinese product are not that reliable but they are
offering the same product in a cheaper price tag. Apart from that recently
china have made many products that surely had changed the country’s status,
according to world news China’s electric buses are seen running in Austria. Now
this will help reduce pollution and a solution to increased lubricants prices,
i.e. petrol. AI is also redefine retail, manufacturing and health care. China
has also built world’s fastest boat and on December 4th 2017 Chinese
tested first electric aero plane. This had made china as a country that had
adopted digital world in very less time and is prospering immensely as a
digital, mechanized country.  

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