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Difference between professionals and amateurs it is a fact that the decisions of professionals are very calculative and gives them sure success but amateurs are already confused about their goals they get confused about the steps they should take. Professionals never wait for the opportunity to come; they create their own opportunities and get succeed. On the other hand amateurs wait for the opportunity and perfect time. Professionalism is not an easy task; you have to be punctual should have plans and should stick to the plan. Amateurs lack punctuality in them if they feel lazy they dont work if they are not motivated they wont work. Professional doesnt need motivation and inspiration to get the job done they have decided to complete the task then they will do it anyway. They know what is important to them. Amateurs learn or practice till it is needed and professionals they master it. They learn till they dont become perfect they practice they never stop. Professionals never give up they find ways to reach their goals and they dont get disappointed after failure. They always come up with another good idea and they learn from their failure but amateurs get dishearten very quickly a single failure can wreck them. They give up at the first sign of failure or trouble. Professionals never stop they just walk on the path of achievement but amateurs stop when they achieve what they wanted to. They dont try to move forward. Any professional person wont take all credit for himself he always appreciates the efforts of his colleagues and takes all responsibility for failure to himself. But an amateur will always think that all the ideas and work was done only by him. They blame others for failure. Nobody is born perfect they fall they get up they try and they learn. You can be a professional as well. Follow these simple steps to be professional- decide your goal. You should have a clear idea of what you want in your life. Ones you yourself know what you want to be then you will do everything to reach there. Make a habit of setting a schedule and following it. Decide what you should do to complete your goal. Dont just do what first come to your mind; its important to calculate the risk and chances of success. Punctuality is another important skill that a professional should have. It shows that you value the time of others and you know how to manage the time. It can be difficult at first but you should try for example start going to meetings 5 minutes early then decided the time and then go 15 minutes early. Keep yourself upgraded with the information regarding your goal. Always share your success and happiness with others. Be confident dont afraid to take a risk and never fear the failure.

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