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Did we  now how the how the Mayans made rubber?They got it from a tree they planted in one of their cycles called the gum tree.The mayans had cool ways of doing things in life that lasted over 3000 years.They had a specific cycle to do certain things throughout the year.The mayans way of life include how they lived,How they used the land around them,what they did for farming and inventions they created.At the end i am going to tell what they did and how did that all end. The mayans left many clues on how they lived on the land.The mayans built many great temples and cities for us to see when we are in the area or on vacation(mark).When the mayans “settled around 1800 B.C.”they had 3 different sub areas that they lived in(History).The sites that they left are in ruins after so much time passed but its still really cool.Their temple soured high above the trees .Usually all the mayan families were extended families they shared one kitchen between all of them(Latham). They grew crops in a weird way.The main staple crop was maize and they usually planted other things with it.Most of the gods they worshipped were related to agriculture and the seasons(History).They used different techniques for how they grew their crops and seasons they could plant them.The slash and burn technique didn’t allow them to grow anything in that area for a few months,Raised farming were fields pretty farm from the side of the river,Terrace farming,Miscellaneous farming,and more.Their culture was very religious with anything they did like hunt,fish,plant,families and more. The mayans homes were pretty much made of mud.Their homes were shared with about two to three families and they all shared one kitchen(Latham).Where the Mayans lived their land wasn’t very fertile so they had to use the slash and burn technique most of the time and to prevent overgrowth(“The Mayans”).Their houses were made of Thatch for the roofs and mud and others materials for the walls compacted together.Most of the Mayans jobs were in Agriculture so they can make more food and resources so they can live(Mayans And Tikal).When they grow maize they usually plant beans and Squash with it.They sent out people to go gather herbs and other useful things in the wild.The Mayans religion was very spiritual in many ways.In their religions they had chinists in their beliefs(Mayans religion …).The religion that they usually had priest that keep track of everything that they did and what time they did and they were usually mathematicians to keep track of everything(the mayans.”The Priest closely Tracks all the cycles important to Mayan life” (The mayans).Those cycles are pretty much define everything the mayan is and what they did and what jobs they were assigned to it is basically their life. With these cycles they had specific cycles to do things. “The life cycle of maize is at the heart of their religion”(The mayans).With  these cycles the mayans also had specific jobs to go with these cycles.With these cycles that had meaning to them they had gods to go with them because they were mostly with agriculture and they worshipped them a lot.During the season Maize is there staple crop while they plant other things with it.When the mayans farm they make it complicated.They used a bunch of  different methods and they made it pretty confusing.They used the slash and burn technique is when they cut down everything and they burn it and that creates ash that can make their infertile land into fertile land but over a long period of time .Some other techniques were terrace farming is when they build a terrace and plant things on it.Raised farming is when they near a river or a water source and plant things above it.Miscellaneous farming  is when they plant random things in one area”.Coco and gum trees were encouraged to grow”when farming(the mayans).They also went scavenge/harvested from the wild, finding roots and berries they could eat(The mayans).They only plant so they can eat and survive to advance in life.When the mayans were in their prime they made some pretty cool things.One of them is their cycles.The cycles were pretty complicated on how they put it but they were effective on how they do things.They also created huge temples that soured above the trees and now we can see them since it wasn’t destroyed when they fell.Before they fell the made the calendar.The calendar was split into a couple of  different ones.The “Tzolkin calendar was a sacred calendar that consists of 20 periods each with 13 days for a 260 day count”(the mayan calendar).The”Haab was a solar calendar with 365 days made up of 18 months 20 days each”.To rap those up the long callendar that consists of every day from the other calendars.They also learned how to make rubber from the gum trees they planted while they were planting other things.When they fell,they left things behind to see present day.When the spanish arrived the mayans were nice to them but they brought diseases and that lead to their down fall and it killed off most of them(rise and fall…).when that happened they all didn’t disappear completely because there is still mayans present day(rise and fall…).Some other reasons why they fell were political strife,war,foreign invasion with more ways they fell.Before all that the mayans fell the moved from the high land to the yucatan.With that they mad a pretty big collection of hieroglyphics and mayan myths. The mayans were a very complex society of native americans that made many things like making rubber from trees on their own.They made a complex system of cycle that they did everything.They had many ways of planting and harvesting things so that they could live.they also made a calendar that is  made  up two more calendars with different amount of days in each one.That the spanish came and they brought diseases that killed the mayan population till they were almost extinct but they are still alive today.Plus they had specific seasons to do things and that defines what they did for jobs.The mayans is a fascinating culture/native americans to research about but there is still more to be researched and learn more in depth of their fascinating culture and how they survived since 3000B.C. to present day.

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