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Did you know Burmese Pythons can get to a length of 23 feet and a weight of 200 pounds. There’s something called the Burmese python challenge its where people go into Florida’s everglades and hunt the growing population of pythons(source 1). There was about Tens of thousands Burmese pythons people can hunt and brig to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the host of the challenge. Since these pythons get very large “people have resorted to the worst possible solution and release the snakes back into the wild”(source1). Although the Burmese python has no venom they have other effective ways to dispatch there prey, “they first grasp it with their back curving teeth. When the species tries to pull away. It only sinks further into the pythons grip.”(source 1). Since they have such large mouths they can swallow a variety of animals. A growing population of Burmese pythons many pets turned loose by their owners when they became too big is threatening the ecosystem of Florida’s Everglades. These eating machines are devouring numbers of opossums, raccoons, bobcats, and many bird species. Since there are so many pythons they have taken over the natural predators of the Everglades.Tens of thousands of Burmese pythons are estimated to be living in the Everglades where they thrive in the warm, humid climate. Since there are so many Burmese pythons “This means for 30 days hundreds of people armed with shotguns, rifles, machetes, handguns, and hooked spears, many who have never seen a Burmese python will roam Florida’s Everglades in search of coveted snakes.”(source2). They will hunt for pythons for a prize of 1,500 dollars, also a fee of 25 dollars. In hopes that they will cut down the amount of Burmese pythons in Florida´s Everglades. In conclusion if you get a wild animal you are not capable of taking care of do not get the pet. But especially do not let it out back into the wild. Instead you should give it to someone who is capable to take care of the animal. In the future we should educate people about their actions they make not just in florida’s Everglades but everywhere. So that next time we won’t have kill all of the animals to protect the ecosystem.

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