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psychologists are the studies in human thought and behavior through there life time.
An example in the article about developmental psychology is when spencer was
done with the surgery and his left hemisphere was removed and he was 9 years
old and wasn’t expected to be able to talk or walk again. however, when he
turned 12 it changed and he was ability to learn and walk The right hemisphere
of his brain development some of the jobs of the left hemisphere which means
that the brain development over time.

psychology is using school to improve students’ academic performance, their
school behavior and the educational Spenser’s situation therapy was conceder
an educational therapy for him because not only it helped him speak but also
joke, run and learns new things. Which made Spenser do well in almost all of
his sixth grade classes.

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         One of the core concepts that is related
to the news article was applied phycology which means how can phycology could
be used to improve human life and using Spenser as an example it improved his speaking,
language and physical movement, by having therapy as a kind of improvement, in
order for the brain to learn only using half of it after having the other part removed
(pg 12).

 Second core concept Sport psychology is to use phycology to
understand athletes and improvement athletics, in spencer’s case how was he
able to use his right side body that is controlled by the left hemisphere and
was able to run and play football with his friend and was able to learn how to
snow bored. Social psychology is studies of how other people effected the thought
and behavior of individuals. in the news articles the doctors and his family
have this camp for children that have epilepsy and it’s a stress free zone
where they can have seizures and they would think it’s no big deal

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