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bank resolves the environmental and social issues by well-structured and target
investment which would encourage social reform. Deutsche Bank as the most
significant bank of Germany undertakes essential social responsibilities and
have a more constructive role. For instance, Deutsche bank collaborated with
the non-profit organization to create the project that was Ready for Finance.

It helps entrepreneurs commence a business lacking the expertise and essential
knowledge to join the capital market. It would provide financial support and
individual mentoring or suggestions from Deutsche Bank to these entrepreneurs.

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As mentioned by Deutsche Bank, Ready for Finance is provided for Social Impact
Labs in six cities presently, like Berlin, Frankfurt, and Hamburg, etc. it was
approximately 60 startups have profited from the project, and a new objective
of this project is to upgrade a further 25 annually. Also, in 2017, Deutsche
bank employees took part in some Charitable activities. For example, donating
footwear for kids in South Africa, or plan fundraising initiatives and
Christmas bazaars to assist the less fortunate in societies around the worldwide.

Deutsche Bank employees and institutional clients have participated in donating
the revenues of one trading day to the charitable project from 2000. These
social activities have built a positive socially conscious image and reputation
for the Deutsche Banks. It is beneficial to the further development, and
maintain the social standing efficiently at the present stage.

As stated
by Deutsche Bank, the Global Financial Crisis’ effect caused the financial
corporate culture structure varied in the long term. Deutsche Bank was decided
to transform their operation culture which is an essential part of the
corporate strategy. First, Deutsche bank encourages their employees to share
and exchange their views. Such as a conversation with the different level of managers
and employees. It would promote the teamwork efficiency and business
development. Bank also appreciates the individual participation and various
viewpoints. Besides, Deutsche Bank as a multinational bank established some
branches of the worldwide. The employees are recruited from the various
countries so that bank would overcome the language barriers easily and take off
national or ethnic background constraints. It would be more convenient for
information exchange in the world. Furthermore, Deutsche has paid more
attention to their client services. The bank expects to build a beneficial
relationship with their clients. The bank restricted the sale of complex
derivatives to clients and focused on clients’ operation belief and value. It
provided the attitudes and goals of bank employees similar to the demands of
clients and economy. 

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