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the fact that becoming listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO brings a lot
of benefits, not every stakeholder has to be equally happy when the palace
would be characterized as a world heritage site. Even when the recognized site
gets a new identity world over and when the status itself would confirm about
the outstanding and exceptional features of the listed site, which would bring
international attention to the site. Hence, ensures economic benefits to the
nation. There still are some downsides when becoming listed as a world heritage
site by UNESCO (The Guardian, 2017). Listed places often receive extra media attention and tourists. The
higher profile that listing brings can draw an influx of visitors that poorer
countries cannot handle. It brings in floods of extra
tourists whose footprint can do more harm than good. Furthermore, could it
undermine a country’s right to make decisions about its own heritage (The Guardian, 2017).

Several cases illustrate
that the principle of world cultural heritage is diverted from its official
purpose and is used to promote tourism, or for economic and political reasons.
Prestigious as it is, when a site reaches the list of world heritage sites, the
title can negatively affect sections of the local population. One example is
the 1997 listing of the historic Casco Viejo neighborhood In Panama City. Since
achieving a spot on the world heritage list, tourism in Panama City has
increased exponentially, the central district became a true tourist attraction.
Meanwhile, it relegated its poorest inhabitants to the city limits. The Casco
Viejo neighborhood used to be a run-down neighborhood, but due to becoming a
world cultural heritage site, the neighborhood underwent a huge transformation.
The surrounding neighborhood was restored and modernized, meanwhile the people
from the poorer classes were brutal evacuated. 

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