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Descriptive paragraph
(to the lighthouse novel)


        This novel
is considered one of the most important works
of the 20th  century. Through
this ambitious novel, Woolf sets herself as one of the powerful writers of modernization.
The novel depends on innovative literary methods to reveal women’s experience
and to deliver an alternative to male-dominated visions of reality. This novel expresses
the story of the Ramsay family and the guests that come to stay with them at
their home in Scotland. This novel is a reflection on time and how humans
calculate with its persistent passage.

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       Time is one an essential theme of this
novel. Most of the adult characters consume on the concept of time in one way
or another. Mrs. Ramsay cannot help but notice that the current moment becomes
the past, and she look for objects in the outer world to ground her at this
moment. She also worries about how time will change her children’s lives. She
does not want James and Cam to grow up, because she knows that they will certainly


       Moreover, she wished to stop time for
her children, and let them to be young and relaxed forever. Mr. Ramsay is worried
about the future and, more exactly, the future of his career. He badly wants to
achieve reputation as a philosopher, but is almost certain that he will not,
and he is concerned by imagining the future and expecting whether or not he
will be recognized and remembered. He is distressed with the notion that no one
will read his books after he has gone, and he is worried about  the fact that young scholars are not
interested in his work so, it time plays an important theme in this novel.


       Lily Briscoe is also focuses on time,
but her obsession changes shape over the course of the novel. Originally, she
shares similar concerns with Mr. Ramsay, wondering if her images will expanse
to anything and if anyone will ever see them. By the final sector of the novel,
her opinions are situated more in the past and in her memories of Mrs. Ramsay.
It is the effect of these memories that drives her forward and brings her
vision into focus.





 Finally, this novel shows a great deal of
using time. Time is an essential part of experience and reality. The novel is
about the passage of time. Woolf does not represent time in a traditional way it
is a forward motion that both hastens and collapses. Time is transported only
through the awareness of the various characters, and instants last for pages as
the reader is invited to the personal experiences of many various truths. So,
time played an important role in this novel.

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