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Horror movies include imaginations
that are known to be abnormal and nonexistent in our world; they contain
dehumanized human beings for example dangerous psychopaths or different kinds
of invented monsters by the producer. This genre of horror movies tends to have
a huge audience whom love to experience the thrill of horror while watching
movies, which forces them to jump out of their seats feeling the adrenaline
running through their bodies. The result of emotional fears while showing sympathy
to the victims at the moment once everything in the screen is worrying,
frightening or strange in the eyes of the audience that’s why these movies are
also known as ‘Jump scare’
films. Some of the ideas represented in
horror films can be related to real life crime scenes in order for the
producers to be creative

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Though, horror movies can be dated
back to the early 1900s, however in the late 1970s it was the start of a new
genre in the industry called Slasher movies. This paper will demonstrate one of
the significant slasher films called ‘Halloween’ the movie was produced
in 2007 by the singer Rob Zombie. The artifact is basically a remake of the
original Halloween movie. Rob Zombie illustrated the childhood
story of Michael Myers but in details on the environment he grew up in, which
made him the man he is however he related the story to this modern time to link
it to our current society. This category is well recognized for its reputation
upon fabricated violent serial killers (antagonist), Final Girl (protagonist),
cutting body parts, slaughtering, blood shedding, stereotyping the culture of
young adults and youth, drug and alcohol abuse, eroticism, forceful violence
and sexual assault.

Halloween (2007) is about
the life of the psychopath/serial killer named ‘Michael Myers’ who happens to
be an influential icon in the Slashers industry. He is known to permanently
hide his face behind an emotionless pale white mask to show his dark side. Halloween
is going to be the artifact in this document since its very influential to the
horror industry because it gave ideas towards creating new movies and icons
such as: Jason Vorheez from the slasher movie Friday the thirteenth, and Freddy Krueger from the movie Nightmare
on Elm Street.

of these movies and fictional icons are significant in this production of this
genre with many sequels that are emerging up to date; for example the movie Halloween
has ten sequels including the one in the process that will be released in 2018
to celebrating the Halloween event with it. This movie is also very influential
throughout the world today because it is usually used as a theme for
celebrating scary acts or the character Michael Myers could be used as a
popular costume for the people to wear on spooky nights. In addition, the movie
sends awareness to the society targeting the youth, young adults and teenagers
when they face real life issues related to these scenes. Informing them that
when there is a problem, they should react quickly by themselves and not call
authority for help because at that moment it’s helpless.

Significance of the study

Halloween is a significant
movie in the Slasher genre since its recognizable almost by everybody,
especially the audience of horror movies. It covers influential strategies that
helped in the emergence of old and forthcoming movies in this specific genre.

The film clearly portrays to its audience the original characteristics of
Slasher movies that were ever made. The artifact is worthy to be studied since Halloween
had created a new type of culture for the people as an entertainment and that
normally describes the culture of young adults, teenagers and the youth in
society. For example, horror movies portray the way of life of the targeted
generation in poor cities that are located in the middle of nowhere, abusing
alcohol and drugs as a habit, admiring things that their parents wont allow
them to do. They also identify stereotypes, such as beautiful blonde girls, in
Slasher movies they are very likely to die because their main focuses are on
looking nice to get males attention and young adults sexual desires in general.

On the other hand, smart girls are the ones to overcome the issue and they are
able to kill the psychopath/serial killer at the end of the movie using their
brainpower. This portrays the image of women in our society today that they are
strong, fearless and are willing to fight back which will be analyzed more by
the use of Post Feminism theory. However, Michael Myers the antagonist, violent
behaviors can also be related to the portrayal of heterosexual male
masculinity, evil and aggressive. Males are more
respected in society by taking unethical decisions such as being physically
violent in order to get that masculine characteristics in their status rather
than solving the problem. Additionally, the movie also explains racial/gender
roles within the mindset of teenagers and young adults in the present who come
from poor cities as ‘Haddonfield, Illinois’ in Halloween.

Research Question

Using the research question in the
analysis of Halloween
(2007) is “What type of culture has emerged from this movie, what culture does it
portray in our society in the present day and what messages it sends to its
audience?” Identify the culture that emerged through this movie.

Theoretical framework 

The movie Halloween can be
analyzed using a combination of theoretical frameworks. The first framework
used to analyze the movie is Gender and Sexuality, which explains Women at the
cinema, Post-feminism, and Men’s studies & masculinities to explain the
topic of the study. Second theoretical framework analysis is the postmodernism
theory, using the perception of Jean Baudrillard in postmodernism since Halloween
can be related to ‘simulacrum,’ ‘hyperrealism’ (Storey, 198).

Also, Fredrick James on concept relating the movie to ‘Pastiche’ since the movie
is a remake of the original Halloween that was made in 1978, sharing the
same story background except in details, specifically teaching viewers the
nature of Michael Myers growing up with a killer instincts controlling his
blood. Then, using postmodern television since radical eclecticism and
intertextuality to design the movie in a way to meet the expectations of the
present generation in order to grab its audience from class, gender, age,
sexuality and geography (Storey, 210).

Methodological framework

The methodological frameworks used
in this project are: first, the five Ws and H (What, When, Where, Who, Why, and
How) by Harold Lasswell concept to describe the movie as much as possible
through the use of these questions to provide a better understanding of the
artifact. The artifact is Halloween, a movie released in 2007 by Rob
Zombie the producer where he remakes a sequel of the original story of Michael
Myers that was fictionalized back in 1978 produced by John Carpenter except
with more back story, violence and eroticism. Rob Zombie makes a few
changes/adjustments in order the audience may understand Michael’s personality
more and the facts, which built it relating to the culture of younger adults
and teenagers and their thoughts in our existing society.


Halloween is a legendary
movie that is well known for its antagonist character ‘Michael Myers’ who
happens to be a legendary icon, who became a myth in the Slasher movie
industry. Halloween occurs to be one of the most influential horror
movies ever made in history because it introduced a new genre in the horror
movies industry.

Relating the scenes to the viewer’s
experience because some humans do proceed in such behaviors and experiences
throughout their lives. The differentiation that can be made between slasher
and regular horror/thriller movies is, in slasher movies the villain or
antagonist tend to be a human who is mentally ill, violent psychopaths, serial
killers who basically cant be stopped easily, shown as supernatural human
beings that are immortal, which helps in bringing awareness to the audience
that there are crazy people out there. Instead, horror/thriller movies lean their
focus on aliens, fictional monsters, ghosts, demons and imaginary creatures,
which are beyond being persuading to be existent.

Gender & Sexuality in Halloween
2007 describing positive/negative behaviors

slasher movies, gender and sexuality has to be taken in considerations when
producing a slasher movie because each gender has a particular role to be taken
as a character whether they are going to be protagonists or antagonists side.

Women in slasher movies are stereotyped as victims of violence, sexual assault,
while the antagonist illustrates the behaviors of a dominant modern
heterosexual male. However, ‘male
happens to be a signifying aspect in these movies that grabs the audience’s
attention, which is represented in Halloween (Halloween, 2007) according
to the concept of ‘Women at the Cinema’ using Mulvey’s approach (Storey, 142).

In the artifact ‘male
tends to be throughout the whole movie, as a crime scene follows every
erotic scene to grab the viewers attention in order for them to be attracted to
the movie in some of the important scenes. According to the movie (Halloween,
2007) the male gaze tends to be almost throughout the whole movie representing
girls as sex objects, in the beginning Michael’s mom was seen as a stripper
focusing the camera on her body while she was dancing on the stripper pole,
then in the asylum a female patient was raped and later when Laurie grows up
her friends were seen naked as well.

Post-feminism plays a major part in Halloween
(2007) and in this genre, to describe the women’s role in society
currently. By using post-feminism concept, the producer is able to exemplify
the ways in which the world has changed, since the image of women has
transformed and they can accomplish/succeed the same way as men where culture
is an equally gendered society (Storey, 163). In the old horror movies women
are described as the gender that seeks help from everyone because they cant
defend themselves just like how society used to doubt women’s abilities that
they are not as strong or as smart as men. These were the views of women in the
old days for example: violence in men is seen as a normal act because its
within their nature to behave in this manner but if a women was violent, her
reputation in society is going to be depreciated, disrespected and accused of
being a crazy person. However, according to Trencansky (2001) nowadays there
has to be a woman who survives in the end of every slasher movie, she is
referred to as ‘Final Girl’. This girl is seen as the protagonist of the movie,
Halloween demonstrates this depiction using the character Laurie Strode
(Michael’s young sister) since her views in life are different than her
friends, she was always self-conscious about her surroundings, has some
knowledge about the killer’s intention because he wont leave her alone and she
witnessed the mass murderer’s capabilities, this is the reason why she was able
to overcome the issue standing for herself to fight for survival against the
psychopath and match his violence level in order for him to be stopped so she
can end the nightmare. 

            Men’s studies and
masculinity (Storey, 166) describes the characteristics of these iconic serial
killers, because they are represented as tough, invulnerable, reckless,
independent, confident, emotionless, and competitively aggressive males. This
is mainly the way societies worldwide comprehend male’s natural behaviors, and
if a male is not qualified to these characteristics they are accused as not
masculine enough in the men’s eyes of our society, furthermore they are most
likely to be suspects of evil actions. Conversely, Halloween (2007) represents
all of these evil masculine beliefs by connecting them to Michael Myers corrupt
manner. However, this masculinity is derived from patriarchy point of views because
in the beginning of the movie when Michael was killing the
mouse he was repressed at home by his alcoholic mother’s boyfriend telling him
that killing animals doesn’t make him man enough. His older sister (Judith
Myers) bothered him and didn’t take him out trick or treating to satisfy his
child needs. Michael was also bullied in school, which drove him to kill each
of his victims including Judith’s boyfriend, to get his mask since he likes to
cover his face with them and to show that he is a someone to be respected
instead of being to be played with (Halloween, 2007).

            Halloween was derived from
the support of postmodernism theory ideas that includes hegemony. It focuses on
the lives of people from low and middle class as if these acts can be related
to them, as if crime scenes are more likely to take place in these settings by
these people. It is a movie that describes the urban culture’s way of life,
where it portrays the youth and young adults interests as sexual activities,
celebrating, alcohol, being with their loved ones, fantasizing in romance and
unaware of their reality. The artifact can be related to the theory of Fredric
Jameson on pastiche and Jean Baudrillard’s theory on ‘simulacrum’ since Halloween
(2007) is a reproduction of the original Halloween story of the
movie that was made in 1978 except with a few adjustments that can be related
to postmodernism (Storey, 198). Hyperrealism helps in connecting the movie to
reality, where some philosophies of the characters have changed, which states to
our modern society’s mindset. Comparing both Halloween movies 1978 and
2007 will distinguish the difference of how life has changed. In Halloween (1978)
Michael Myers is seen as a child who came from a middle class family, both his
parents were alive except that his evilness couldn’t be understood. Later when
he grows up, he is seen to be an emotionless, cold, evil character that escapes
from the asylum and heads back to his hometown with motives to kill people, by
driving a car which can be believed as he was an educated psychopath coming
from a good home. In addition, Laurie was seen to be a girl with very feminine
traits, polite, smart and nice.

In Rob Zombie’s version of Halloween
(2007) he explains the
story of Michael Myers growing up that drove him to be a psychopath, even Dr.

Loomis (Michael’s psychological therapist) describes the way mental hospital’s
help is ineffective in treating the mentally ill, patients did not overcome
their illness overtime, because Michael continued hiding his face behind masks
until he escaped from the mental institution. He killed everyone who was in his
path in order to leave the asylum whether they treated him good or bad and when
Michael escaped he went back to his hometown Haddonfield on foot rather than
driving like the first one back in 1978. On the other hand, Laurie’s friends
are seen to be acting like girls in this modern era such as: no thoughtful
consequences on what a strange man like Michael can do to them when they were
yelling at him with a potty mouth style of conversation. In addition, Michael
was never emotional in the first movie made by Carpenter but in the movie
produced in 2007 he was emotional towards his sister Laurie, especially after
he caught her and brought her back to the house they both grew up in. Michael
gets emotional though in the specific scene that he gives Laurie Strode a
picture of both of them when they were young, but he lacked verbal
communication since he has been quiet for fifteen years, which made Laurie not
realize that she is facing her own brother. As he realized that Laurie does not
acknowledge that he is her brother and tried to kill him with his kitchen knife
that had many body counts on it, Michael returns to his evil side chasing after
his little sister trying to kill her. This scene explains that no matter how
hard and evil a man can get, his emotional feelings towards his family will
help in bringing him to the state of serenity. All of these changes occurred in
order for the producer and the audience to have an understanding between the
movie and the culture they live in, although these are stereotypes depicted by
the culture.



Halloween is a legendary slasher movie
therefore, there will most probably be newer versions of it produced, to
recount and re-emphasize the significant slasher Michael Myers. The intended
message from this movie is that although slasher movies are very imaginative
however they do differentiate between both genders based on their behaviors in
the culture of youth, teenagers and young adults interests in life, teaching us
that the world outside doesn’t share our same views. Identifying stereotypes
and portrayals in the lucrative genre of minorities, based on culture, gender
and class in the media and film.

well as trying to send awareness to the audience informing them react in times
of danger.

















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