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Defining Battles In Canadian History Between 1914-1982Compared to other countries, Canada seems so small and it doesn’t seem like it has much impact on other countries. If you think that, this essay will definitely change your mind. The Battle of Passchendaele, the Dieppe Raid, and the Suez Canal Crisis are all events that Canada greatly impacted the rest of the world.     World War I was horrible. Trench warfare, and bloody battles are not as bad as wars today. A specific example of this was the Battle of Passchendaele. This battle was when the Canadian Corps assaulted the Passchendaele ridge in four separate attacks. During the first two (on October 26th and 30th) Canada gained only a few hundred metres every day, despite heavy losses. As soldiers were moving forward, the land became waterlogged. Many soldiers quit and gave up because they were scared to try to advance. By the end, thousands of soldiers and horses got sucked in the mud and died. There were 16,000 Canadian casualties. The Battle of Passchendaele was one of the worst battles of World War I, but it definitely helped other countries see Canada in a better way. They saw that Canadians were willing to put up and persevere for their country. Still, this was not enough.    The Dieppe Raid helped even more people see Canada in a better way. Even though Canada was at war with Germany for three years, this was the first battle between Canada and Germany aside from the battle of Hong Kong. Also known as Operation Jubilee, the Dieppe Raid was a large raid on the coast of France. There were more than 5,000 Canadians fighting. The purpose of this raid was to gather German intelligence, and to divert military resources away from the Soviet Union. There were more Canadians raiding than any other nation, and this raid had lots of young men fighting. Unfortunately, many of these young men were taken as Prisoners of War after Canada surrendered to Germany. In nine hours, 907 Canadian soldiers were killed, 2,460 were wounded, and 1,946 were taken prisoner. This was one of the darkest battles of World War II, and Canada did more than its part by sending these young men. Canada was seen as a great country by even more people now, because of how dedicated Canadians were during the Dieppe Raid.     Finally, the rest of the world started to see Canada as the great country that it is after the Suez Canal Crisis. The Suez Canal was a canal in Egypt that was owned by French and British company. When Egypt elected their new leader, Gamal Abdel Nasser, he increased Egyptian nationalism and wanted the Canal for his own country. By the summer of 1956, he had seized control of it. Britain and France got the help of Israel, and they all attacked Egypt. Nasser responded to this by getting the help from the Soviet Union. The Soviet leader, Khrushchev, threatened to shower nuclear weapons if they did not withdraw. At the United Nations, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs proposed a solution. His name was Lester Pearson. His plan was for the British and French to withdraw, and allow United Nations force to remain in the area and stabilize the situation while a political settlement was worked out. This was the United Nations’ first peacekeeping mission, and Lester Pearson ended up winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his initiative in Egypt. The Suez Canal Crisis was the final push that Canada needed to show the world what a great country it is. Now the UN and other countries around the world, value Canada’s opinions and its voice.     The Battle of Passchendaele showed the world how much Canada perseveres and never gives up, The Dieppe Raid showed the world that Canada was willing to give anything to win the war, and The Suez Canal Crisis showed the world that Canada knows how to solve problems and spread peace. Today, nobody looks at Canada the same way they used to 100 years ago. These three developments are defining moments in the history of Canada’s reputation.    

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