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Death is a universal theme and for many of us it is the end of a person’s life. No one is ever ready or prepared to face death because some see it coming and some never do. Death can neither be deceived nor escaped because it can strike anywhere and at any given time. Whether we acknowledge it or not, ultimately death is inevitable and no matter what we try, it can not be changed or altered. After reading this fairytale for the first time, I was intrigued even though we know that the godson has a very little chance against death, but we are still curious about the outcome of this fable. Even though most of the time when a character breaks a rule or code of ethics, bad things happen to them. Reading this short story, death made me realize just how quickly life can change by making wrong decisions and that no one is perfect. Nonetheless, we all must be held accountable and accept the consequences of  our actions. So therefore, we should not be fascinated with what the world has to offer because at the end of the day our character and reputation is all that matters. For instance, in the beginning of the story the poorman went desperately looking for someone to be a godfather for his thirteenth child. Along the way the first person the poor man found was God. the man asked, “Who are you?.” “I am God” the poor man denied him because he said “You give to the rich, and let the poor starve.” As he went on his way, the Devil happened to be nearby, the man asked “Who are You?” “I am the Devil” the man rejected him because he said “You deceive mankind and lead them astray.” As he continued on his journey Death came walking towards him, the man asked “Who are You?”. “I am Death”, who makes everyone equal’ then the man said, “You are the right one”. He chose Death as the godfather because he did not discriminate between the rich or the poor and he treated everyone equally.I believe “Godfather Death” by Jacob and Wilhem Grimm is a fairytale about betrayal and that no one can escape death. The author establishes point of view through the use of characters, dialogue, actions and is able to shift from character to character, and to reveal or conceal as little or as much as he pleases. Throughout this tale, you can see that the doctor is defying Death each time he switches the beds around and is conflicted between doing what he wanted to or to listen to Godfather Death. This is evident when the doctor says “If I could only deceive Death for once,” thought the physician.” He will be angry, of course, but because I am his godson  he will shut one eye, “I will risk it”. The conflict and struggle against one another became quite clear when Death (which is good) told the godson (which is evil) not to betray him, that if he did it would be severe consequences and his fate would be sealed. Despite, the warning the godson defies Death anyway by helping the king and the princess stay alive and this creates a crisis between the two main characters. After the doctor deceives Death time and time again, Death gets very angry and decides to take revenge. Within the text, the doctor believes that he has free will because he can either listen to Death or he can disobey him. You must also think about the idea that death gave his godson a present. The godson had everything he could want  fame, wealth, but the godson still chose to disobey the stipulations that death  The message behind thiis story is that death takes us all equally no matter what race you are,greedy

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