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Date: 1-25-18


To: Trask

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From: Ashley Rapata


Subject: recommendation of sir john bond


Sir Jon bonds
main speeches main point was globalization in the business environment. Sir
bond started off by talking about how his company was in 18 countries’ in 1961,
by 2003 was in 81 and today it’s in 100 countries.


sir john bond talks about how the goal of a business is to make profit, and to
use the profit in a positive way. I agree with this because if a company make profit
they are able to keep their employees happy and not cut down on expenses. Not
only can businesses keep their company happy but they also have a positive
impact on society. For example, drug companies save many people’s lives, other companies
make people’s lives easier, safer, more comfortable and enjoyable. Without business
in our society the world be totally different that it is today.


sir bond explained how the business environment is very important to the
government. Without good government, there wouldn’t be more taxes, which allow
the government to help its people. As talked about in the article business,
government, and education must all work together for the better of society,
instead of mistrusting each other. I agree with this because I also believe they
are all dependent on each other. For example, the schools educate, so students
can get jobs, so they can pay taxes to the government, so the government can
support education.


Lastly, I agree
with sir bond when he talks about big business getting a bad rep. People say
they exploit the poorer countries by paying them a lesser wager. In today’s
society where people are getting more and more upset between the wealthy and
middle classes, he has provided a great argument as to why people like him are
needed in the world. Not every wealthy person is a positive for society, but a
lot of them do provide necessary funds to benefit the less fortunate.



After listening
to sir john’s speech, I believe we ahold invite him to come speck at your
company. Sir bond is a very successful business man with good morals and a good
heart. He is very upfront with the issues that many individuals see with people
like him, but explains the good that people in his position can do. I think it
would be a great opportunity for the employees in our company to listen to
someone who is a very moral and ethical individual who also has seen success in
their business life. So, as I stated it would be great to have sir john bond
come to our company and speak. 

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