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Danielle Ebohon Mrs. AngelU.S. History12 January 2018The Effect of the Civil War on the African American Community In 1861, One of the most historically significant war erupted, The Civil War. In order to protect the practice of slavery, 11 southern states separated themselves from the Union and formed their own country, The Confederate States of America. Abraham Lincoln, The President at the time, was willing to do anything to keep the union together, and refused to recognize the Confederate states as an independent country, resulting in war. With slavery being one of the main causes of the war, it is remembered mostly for the effect it had on the African American Community. The North wasn’t just fighting to keep the Union together, they were fighting to end slavery.When the war first started, many free back men hurried to join the Union Army. Abraham Lincoln skeptical at first, with the fear that allowing Back men to serve in the Union Army , would cause the border states to withdraw themselves from the Union. However in 1862, The Second Confiscation and Militia Act, and the Signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, allowed black men to serve in the Union Army. Even though Black Men were allowed to serve on the Union Army, didn’t necessarily mean they were equal. Black men we treated differently in every aspect, from their pay to their training. But they were still important, especially a particular group of Union Troops, Known as the 54th Massachusetts Infantry, The first black volunteer unit to enlist and serve in the Union Army. They are known for their very heroic acts in the battle of Fort Wagner, where they suffered heavy loss and where defeated by the confederate, but still displayed very important qualities and never once retreated, even when reinforcements never arrived. Even After being warned by the Confederate, that those who are captured would be sold back into slavery, they went and fought on the battlefield, fighting to end slavery. Their behavior on the battlefield that day open doors for other black units to serve in the Union Army.

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