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            Cybercrime is an issue that happens
on the daily bases.  There are many ways
of committing a crime, it doesn’t always have to be violently made. In fact, there
can be no contact with the victim and still be considered a crime.  Many felonies are also convicted through
technological systems, computers being the main source for cyber criminals. A
few examples of cybercrimes are hacking, D.O.S (Direct Operating System),
Phishing, Salami Attack, Virus dissemination, spoofing, credit card fraud,
cyber stalking and many more.

            Security for the most part is taken
for granted when the community wants the device that’s going to make their life
easier. That’s right it’s hard to point out a person who doesn’t own a smart
phone in this generation. From Guessing Passwords to logging in automatically
are few of the bad habits hackers have. This is why you are obligated to make a
secure password for any of your social media, emails, or any essential account
you create. Furthermore, as much as we enjoy finding Free Wi-Fi Zones,
especially in a no signal area or while traveling Public Wi-Fi is the easiest
way to lead the hacker into your personal information. Think of it, you are in
a public place sharing all your traffic with the people around you.

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            Another well-known crime is identity
and credit card fraud. It happens with purchases you make online with fake
websites created by these cyber criminals to fool you. Ads in the other hand
play a role in this too, the moment they announce you have currently won a prize,
an iPhone, or money.  Do not be gullible,
these are scams they’ll ask you to fill out personal information based on where
you live, your emails, and your address. Websites claiming to sell you an item
for a much lower price than it really is, should be something to doubt too, do
not let out any personal digits from your credit card to anyone behind a screen
you do not about. Be careful with debit machines too, skimmers are now placed
inside the machine so that when you swipe the credit card through, it records
all the digits and information in it.

            Depending on how often you post and
what you post on your media is what attracts cyber stalkers. You don’t know it,
most victims don’t.  One thing you do is
that anyone you accept to follow or them to follow you, obviously see
everything you’ve allowed others to know of you. Cyber stalkers as the name
says it, observe your everyday connectivity to the world. They’ll become
obsessed with you, they’ll either want to be you; take over your life
(literally) or want you, simply as it sounds.  Any locations you post, they’ll appear there,
they can even become your friend without you knowing who they really are, so
think twice before turning on your location on snapchat maps or posting a
picture about needing new friends.

            In conclusion, cybercrimes are a
real issue that whether we like it or not we can be the next victim. This is
why we need to be more cautious with anything of personal value, ourselves, identities,
credit card money, hacking, giving out your address, but most importantly
knowing who’s in back of that screen.

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