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Provide scholarships and student loans to students from public school until university, including
graduate and postgraduate scholarships at overseas universities.

Provide stationary and uniforms to students.
Provide internships, seminars, workshops, and soft skills training to students and teachers.

Build and provide sport facilities for schools and universities, including sport education centers
and sport arenas.

Provide mobile libraries for the surrounding communities.

Build and provide education facilities for schools and universities, including classrooms,
training centers, libraries, laboratories, bookshelves, desks, and chairs.

Carry out education for primary school up to university, emergency school for the victims of
natural disasters, teacher training, and sport education.

Provide awards for the best student, best lecturer, and best young innovator.

Community Care

Provide entrepreneurship centers, entrepreneurial training, marketplaces, and exhibitions to
small businesses for the surrounding communities.

Provide awards for SMEs and young entrepreneurs at the national level.

Provide SAR training centers, disaster response training, rescue teams, disaster relief, orphan
donations, blood donations, and prevention fire training at the national level.

Provide rural water supply, cataract surgeries, mass circumcisions, home refurbishing, fish
farming, livestock training, and medical checkups for the surrounding communities.

Distribute donations and food packages for the local poor.


Carry out the reforestation marginal lands, highway greening, refurbishment of urban parks,
eradication of dengue mosquito breeding, dengue fever prevention campaigns, waste-
composting training, mangroves reforestation, and organic farm training at the local and
national level.

Provide composting machines, nursery seeding centers, and seedlings for the surrounding


Provide aid for art festivals, music festivals, dance festivals, operas, cabarets, Wayang
performances, Reog Ponorogo dance performances, batik festivals, theater festivals, Indonesian
cultural adventures, worship place renovation, and basic need packages on the religious
holidays for local and national level.

Carry out annual award for journalist and reporter, journalistic competitions, homecoming free
services on Eid, breaking fasts together, national holidays greeting, Quran reading competitions,
Isra Mi’raj commemorations, Ramadhan bazaars, and grand prayers for local and national lev

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