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Crop rotation helps to reduce soil erosion and increases soil fertility, herbicides interfere with the biochemical or physiological process unique to plants(5), and fertilizers need to continuously be fertilized because as plants grow they absorb nutrients and leave the soil less fertile(6). 
Benefits & Drawbacks 
Crop Rotation  
          Benefits                                      Drawbacks
          – Prevents soil depletion(1)             – More machinery(3) 
          – Maintains soil fertility(1)                – More knowledge and skills(3) 
          – Reduces reliance                          – Not favourable in certain
            on synthetic chemicals(1)                growing conditions(3) 
          – Reduces pests’ buildup(1) 
          – Prevents disease(1) 
          – Helps control weeds(1) 

          Benefits                                      Drawbacks
             – Crop Yield(2)                                 – Health Effects(2) 
             – Economy Benefits(2)                     – Increased resistance(2) 
             – Beautiful landscaping(2)                – Pollution(2) 
                   Benefits                                      Drawbacks
          – Help Plants grow(4)                   – Contributes to released 
           – immediate nourishment(4)            greenhouse gasses(4)
        – made with fossil fuels(non-             renewable sources)(4)
          – Long term use can change the             soils pH(4)
            – upset beneficial microbial   ecosystem(4)
In my opinion, I feel Crop rotation should be used over herbicides and fertilizers because the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Looking at herbicides there is pollution and health effects in the drawbacks, and fertilizers contribute to the release of greenhouse gasses and are made using non-renewable sources including fossil fuels, the major draw back is the fact that long term use of fertilizers changes the soils pH levels to acidic, and can decrease the potential for plant growth. Crop rotation reduced pests’ buildup and disease, helps control weeds and reduces reliance on synthetic chemicals.

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