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Credibility –

A powerful position in the communication suite of an
organization is held by Public Relations. Media relations which is a major
aspect of Public Relations is used to achieve editorial coverage and this
assistance is of key importance. The people in any target market would see
editorial as an objective and independent evaluation of any company. Due to
this perceived objectivity of editorial coverage, PR is said to hold more
credibility than other forms of marketing communication. A running
advertisement does not hold as much credibility and is not as readily trusted
as much as an editorial coverage.

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Cost Effectiveness –

In comparison to the rest of the communication methods
employed by a company public relations can be less expensive even if one was to
hire an external agency rather than performing this task in-house. Even if a
company hires the services of a private PR specialist, what the company
achieves in the way of media coverage and changes in public perception may have
otherwise cost the company much more.


Exposure –

Given a similar budget, a media coverage achieved through PR
is likely to be more extensive than that a company could achieve through other
means of advertising. Specialist PR people know which media to target for which
message (often with use of cultivated contacts over time), when to pitch which
story, what the media wants and what is the best way to deliver your message.


Flexibility –

Being flexible in the message content and being responsive
to news is one of the biggest benefits of Public Relations. A skilled PR practitioner
can turn around media releases in reaction to news or crisis situation within

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