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Cory Booker once
said and quote, “Leadership is neither a position nor title; it is an action
and example.” I would have to apply this to the few role models who have
exceptionally changed my way of living. Throughout the process of life, we find
ourselves lost at such an early age at times. Parents have the responsibility
of knowing their own spawn but sometimes children are difficult to read. This
is where the next person in line steps up which would be the teachers. 
Teachers are the one other person to know you like the back of their hand.
Prior to college, I had one teacher who had watched me grow from second grade
to receive my diploma in high school. Her name was Mrs. Suzy Iori. She has been
one of the few role models in my life who served as a motivator, companion, and
councilor all in one.

It is a teacher’s
job to educate and enhance an individual’s knowledge. It is not a teacher’s job
to nurture and motivate but it often becomes their second nature. Mrs. Iori
always had an open door for any student. She would constantly push me to do my
best in my studies. Finding and applying to colleges that would suite me best
was a headache, but she was he one at school who made things less stressful. I
wasn’t a bad kid when I was younger, but I did need help finding myself and she
also helped me become a better person. She sculpted me responsible enough to
take on the challenges college and life must throw my way.

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Everyone needs
someone to be there for them along the way. In my school there was no better
person to go to for advice other than Mrs. Iori. I would always go to her for
any kind of problem. Like every young unexperienced teenager, I would have “boy
trouble” and I’d know to go to her. I was more than comfortable with her and
she would understand me. As a stubborn teen, I wouldn’t listen to anyone other
than my inspirers. Only advice I would take was from my own mother or Mrs. Iori
of course. Along the years, we became rather close and I would look at her more
like a second mother. I stressed rather more than I should about college
applications only because I had my mind set on one specific college, so I would
refuse to apply to any other. Mrs. Iori helped me apply for scholarships,
complete my financial aid application, and everything else.

Loss of a loved
one in the family is always a painful chapter. Sadly, I witnessed this chapter
early in my years, as young as ten years old. On April of 2008, I lost my
closest uncle Alex from my paternal side of the family. He was my father’s
youngest sibling.  We lost him in a car accident. Two years later in 2010,
my aunt Alma was diagnosed with cancer. She was my mother’s older sister and
one of six. It is sure to say she fought with great strength and hope. We all
were determined to keep her healthy and comfortable as could be. With great
sorrow, we lost her on June of 2011. Those few years happened to be the
toughest. I had trouble taking care of myself in the way of eating and
sleeping. Sure enough I had to return to school and many people offered their
condolences but I would shut everyone out. Mrs. Iori was one of the few people
who I would go to console me. You can say she was my best friend. She would
tell me such wise words. I remember them word for word to this day. It’s phenomenal
how she’s served as such an inspirational individual in my life. She pushed me
past the walls I built against the world.

Now as you know,
Mrs. Iori has served her purpose as a teacher to support her children. She was
that one teacher any individual would be lucky to encounter in their school
years. Teachers should push to become more than they can be. To be an admirer,
encouragement, ideal, but most importantly to become the inspiration in one’s
life. As everyone should know by now, example is leadership. It is leadership
to become a new and improved you. To become a character where you stand proud
and look forward to tomorrow only to have another day to improve.

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