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Comments on Terrorism

Karl Max (1818-1883), the founder of Marxism,
is the organizer and leader of the First International and the great mentor of
the proletariat and the working people all over the world. In addition, he is
also a great thinker, statesmen, philosopher, economist, revolutionary theorist
and sociologist. The main works are Capital and the Communist Manifesto. Friedrich
Engels (1820-1895), is a thinker, philosopher, revolutionist, and a great
mentor of the proletariat and the working people of the world. He is one of the
founders of Marxism. Engels, a close friend of Karl Max, has provided a lot of
economic support for Marx’s academic research. After the death of Marx, Engels has
sorted and published a large number of manuscripts of Marx, and become the leader
of international labor movement. It is the two greater that give a remarkable
comment on terrorism. Marx and Engels have evaluated and
studied the terrorist activities at that time more than 100 years ago, and correctly
differentiated two different kinds of terrorism in history. Moreover, Marx
and Engels have also showed their completely different attitudes
according to their social and historical roles of terrorism. Their classic arguments
are still very enlightening today in the increasingly complex situation of
fighting against terrorism.

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The Comment on Terrorism, as a representative book on
discussing terrorism, is published by Marx and Engels. In this work, Marx and
Engels use a series of factual account to express their thoughts on terrorism. During
the French Revolution, the Jacobins once implemented the revolutionary terrorism,
and then terrorism, as a tool to achieve political objectives, began to board
the stage of history. Since then, terrorism, as a non-mainstream trend of
thought, has been continued and differentiated. Marx and Engels carefully
studied the terrorist activities at that time. According to their role in the
development of social history, there were two kinds of terrorism at that time.

The first was the revolutionary terrorist activity of the progressive
proletariat to establish and defend the revolutionary political power. The
second was the terrorism of reactionary class and a few conspirators. Although
they were different in forms, they all violated the historical direction and
impeded social progress.

During the time when Marx and Engels
lived, the second terrorist activities also appeared, which became the
political means to start on the political stage. Some anarchists composed of secret
groups, advocated the use of assassination, explosion and other means to
achieve their own political purposes. For this kind of terrorism, Marx and Engels
insisted, “All conflicts in the history are rooted in the contradiction
between productivity and forms of communication”. Therefore, Marx and Engels
had firmly opposed to Bakunin and Malone, as well as Blanqui’s terrorist
activities. Apparently, the Comments on Terrorism produced by Marx and Engels
is aimed to prevent proletarian revolution from going to extremes, because in an
unstable time the proletariat is more likely to fall into a wrong path. In this
way, if all working people fight against the exploitation with extreme terrorist
activities, in fact it evolves another kind of exploitation. Obviously, it is
not what Marx and Engels want to see. 

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