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   Clinical Experience with Leadless Right Ventricle
(RV) Pacemakers

The researchers of this study found
that patients with leadless pacemakers were 94% free of complications. They investigated the leadless pacemakers in
patients who require single chamber ventricular pacing. In the LEADLESS trial,
33 patients had a single-chamber leadless cardiac pacer attempted; 97% had a
successful implant. One patient developed RV perforation and another cardiac
tamponade during the implant (Avanderzee,
The overall complication free rate was 94%. Pacing performance was stable in
all implanted patients at three months and one year(Avanderzee, 2016).They also found that
there was no pacemaker related adverse events were reported between 3 and 12
months of follow-up.

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Personalized drug

A current trend in
the healthcare field is 3D printing medicine. Experts and researchers have come
up with an idea to produce personalized 3D printed oral tablets. A doctor or a pharmacist would be able to use each patient’s individual
information — such as age, race, and gender — to produce their optimal
medication dose, rather than relying on a standard set of dosages(Govette,2018).
3D printing may also allow pills to be printed in a complex construct of
layers, using a combination of drugs to treat multiple ailments at once. A benefit of 3D printing medicine is that it greatly
reduces the need of polypharmacy especially for elderly patients who take many
medications daily. The precision of 3D
printing means pills can be designed to house several drugs, all with different
release times this rather than embedding a single drug in a pill. A 3D
printed “polypill” that contains three different drugs has already been
developed for patients with diabetes and hypertension (Trounson-Melbourne,2017).

GPS Tracking

 Have you ever found yourself wasting valuable time in the
unit tracking down a needed piece of equipment or staff member? Real-time locating are local systems used for the
identification and tracking of the location of assets and/or persons in real or

 An RTLS receives wireless signals from small ID
badges or tags attached to objects of interest and/or persons, to determine
where the tagged entities are located within a building or some other confined
indoor or outdoor space. Currently, tracking
chips are being embedded into these devices and integrated with an “in-house”
positioning system so they can be located instantly (Bulous et al., 2012). RTLS are also used locate
healthcare staff in facilities when a client nor staff member requests assistance
during a medical emergency. I believe that that aspect of the RTLS is very valuable.

It has been preached to those in the healthcare
profession that safety is number one. Clients residing in nursing homes and
assisted living elderly care situations can also greatly benefit from RTLS. Residents
who agree to this will be equipped with wearable technology that tracks them no
matter where they are in the care facility. 

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