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City of Glasgow CollegeGraded Unit 2 – Jennifer DouglasConquering Issues in AsdaAshleigh LamondAcknowledgementsI would like to thank the following people for their help in providing information and insight for this report:Jennifer Douglas, LecturerMaureen Houston, LecturerPeter Provan, LecturerJacqueline Kirkland, LecturerRebecca McComb, Asda EmployeeRyan Lillie, Asda EmployeeKelsey Smith, Asda EmployeeKerri Thomson, Asda EmployeeContentsIntroductionRelevant TheoryProcedureFindingsConclusionsRecommendationsAppendix A – QuestionnaireAppendix B – InterviewAppendix C – ObservationIntroductionThe purpose of this report is to show what issues asda are facing and the different areas that are need to be investigated and look further into these problems and solving the problems in these areas.Asda is a british supermarket retailer which sells a variety of products such as Clothing, food, insurance, Electricals. It was founded in 1965 by the Asquith family. In the 1999 it became part of the American corporate giant Walmart when they bought Asda for £6.7 billion and became the second largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, currently it is third just behind Tescos and Sainsburys.ObjectivesTo identify the customer care problems within Asda and bring in a training solutions by April 2018To examine stock presentation issues in Asda and suggest improvements  by April 2018To evaluate the retail security concerns in Asda and provide solutions by April 2018To punctually hand in the Development stage on Asda for April 2018Reasons for objectivesCustomer Care – The reason for choosing this objective was because asda have problems in not training their staff properly which as resulted in staff hurting themselves, achieving this will benefit customers as trained staff will get stock out onto the shop floor faster.Stock Presentation – The reason for choosing this objective is because Asda have problems with keeping their shop floor free from any obstructions which usually block high selling points, By achieving this objective asda will benefit from more profits.Retail Security – The reason for this objective is Asda have concerns over how much product is being stolen and how its been stolen, by achieving this objective asda will be able to sell more products and increase their profit levels.Relevant TheoryCreating a Culture of Customer CareCustomer Care is essential in any business not only to the customers but to the staff and business as well. Stores have two different types of customers there are internal customers and external customers:Internal – Other members of staff within the company, Internal customers range from being a till operative to a section leader, everybody that either works in the store or helps get the products into the customers hands are internal customers. Keeping staff members happy will result in their morale being higher and they will be more enthusiastic about their jobs and will less likely to quit resulting in a lower staff turnover. They expect to receive training that will help them get the job done efficiently and safely, Good team working skills and also to be supported by other staff members and be able to trust those staff members.External – Customers who buy or are thinking of buying the company’s product or service, These customers expect the staff to have great product knowledge, the store has to provide clear signage, pricing, layout and efficient service. Loyal customers expected to be treated better than potential customers as they want to be valued and expect to get there questions and problems answered as quickly as possible. Potential customers want to be greeted by friendly staff and know that they are being acknowledged, they look for an easy exit and a good environment.If a staff member gives good customer care the customers will have more assurance in staff abilities, and will treat them as an individual and are able to leave the store knowing that they have received the right information about the stores products and services and that they have been dealt with quickly and will altogether give the store a positive atmosphere to shop in. As customers are happy the company will receive more profits and less complaints as well as so many other benefits.

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