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 Children need to grow and become independent under a
parent’s protection and with us helping them to become their best. A child is
independent; parents who raise them did a good job.  They help their children to be more creative
and critical thinker.  They are competent
and able to look after themselves. Independence is not something that your
children can acquire on their own. Your child should have neither the  experience or skills and mindset  to flourish distinctly separately from you.  This is a present you give your children that
they will treasure their entire lives. Experts agree that the best thing we can
do for our kids — and indeed one of the most important jobs a parent has — is
to teach the next generation to be independent.


Simple Steps Nourishing Independent Children

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Give your children love and respect- Respect cannot be
demanded. It can only be earned. So, earn it! Give your child reasons to
respect you for being a good role model, by showing respectful behavior to
everyone, including our children. Tell your child, you love them no matter what
happened because they are your child. By telling `these words it will give
assurance and confidence to your child that no matter what you always there for

Establish an Independent environment- let your child help
themselves. Let them explore and discover by themselves. Give them a chance to
solve their problem in their own way. Don’t help them unless you can see they
do all the possible things that they can do. 
Make sure that you will always there to catch them when they fall. Don’t
expect them to be perfect-

Accept an Accomplishment – acknowledge your child
accomplishment if he did a great job. Praise his effort to do his or her task
without any help. Recognize their achievement and give them rewards. “Whenever
possible find a reward system other than money. I prefer tokens, which can be
accumulated and traded for things that each particular child holds dear. In
this way, children don’t develop a feeling of entitlement — which they should
be paid for every favor they do around the house.”

Find the Courage to Let Go- Parents needs to accept that
their children have their own life. Sooner or later they will become adult. A
parent should find the courage and believe in their child capabilities. Parents
should accept that their child is not their baby forever. They will become
adult and learn to live on their own. According to Phillip Hodson: Those who
don’t encourage their sons and daughters to be independent are guilty of psychological
abuse. As a parents practice giving your child space to grow. Be confident that
the values you’ve instilled will inform their decisions and give them the right

Learning Opportunity-if parents will always doing things for
their children, they will not give their child the opportunity to learn things
by themselves. Every child learning is opportunities for them to explore and
experience new things. It can widen your child horizon. They became more
creative in their ideas. They can be more productive and independent-minded


Encourage them not to fear- let your child explore different
things. When they commit a mistake, parents should ensure it is corrected there
and then but with their full participation. As a parent, inspire your children to
practice self-compassion when they fail. Research has found that people who
practice self-compassion recover more quickly from failure and are more likely
to try new things—mainly because they know they won’t face a negative barrage
of self-talk if they fail.

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