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Chi-square test indicated that there was no
statistically-significant association between Newspaper and Tone. However,
there were marked differences among the newspapers with regard to the tones
that they used while covering the conflict. All three newspapers exhibited a
Pro-protesters tone in their coverage of the issue.


Of the 28 news reports published in The Times of
India, 18 supported the protesters, four neutral and six pro-government.
Similarly, The Hindu exhibited a pro-protester tone by providing highest amount
of coverage by publishing 26 of the total 44 reports on the issue in support of
people. The New Indian Express also took the pro-protester stand by publishing
14 out of its total 27 reports voicing people’s concerns. In addition, it has
published eight neutral reports and five supporting the authorities.

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Chi-square Test indicated that there is no statistically-significant
association between the Newspaper and the Frames they have used to report the issue.
Both The Times of India and The Hindu published more number of reports in Human Interest frame whereas The New Indian Express
gave more space to Attribution of Responsibility frame.


Out of the total 28 reports published by The Times of
India, 12 reports focused on Human Interest, seven on Conflicts and four each
on Attribution of responsibility and Economic. It has also published a report on
Diagnostic frame and did not publish any Morality report. Whereas The Hindu
published 19 Human Interest reports and 13 Conflict reports out of its total 44
stories. It has also published eight stories in Attribution of responsibility,
two in Diagnostic and one each in Morality and Economic frames. The New Indian
Express has published 10 Attribution of Responsibility reports and 8 Conflict stories.
In addition, the paper published 5 stories in Human Interest, 3 reports in
Economic, 1 report in Diagnostic frame and did not publish any in Morality


Chi-Square showed no statistically-significant association between the
variables Newspaper and Tone ? (2) = 1.97, p < 0.001 and Newspaper and Frame ? (2) = 11.96,         p < 0.001.

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