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Character Analysis Throughout the the novel Jack has changed a lot. He changed from a nice young boy to a savage animal that can’t control itself. There has been many conflicts in the story that made him change who he is and how he acts. In Lord of the flies by William Golding, Jack represents  loss of innocence through stealing, wanting to kill, and his friendships. His first sign of change was when he had stolen piggy’s glasses from him. Jack and his tribe stole many things from Ralph’s tribe. They stole several burning sticks from the signal fire on the beach. This plays a key factor in Jack’s personality and the way he will act. Since he had stolen items from his friends it lead him to a part in his life when he wanted to kill. “I thought I might Kill.” (Golding 40). Jack didn’t have the heart to kill anything. It started when he saw the sow. He tried to kill it but he didn’t, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. After that had happened he creates a mask for  himself, because he was embarrassed about the pig. This was another key factor in his transformation because he looked at himself in a mirror and saw this beast/ young boy and he knew he was changing. “I expect the beast to disguised himself”. ( Golding 143) Jack was never good at friendships. He always had this mentality that he was better than everyone at everything. Ralph and Jack would always fight or have heated arguments over the dumbest things. Especially when they would argue over who is the leader. Whenever that would happen it always ends with a disagreement. He created his own group with his own members and now there are 2 groups on the island. ” Your not good at a job like this”. ( Golding 274)By the end of the book Jack changed from the beginning. Jack has became this beast that isn’t human anymore. He was a demanding child when he was younger. You don’t lose your innocence when you are in a tough situation in life.

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