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Background of the Study

Women’s are the
ones who gives life to every human being in the world. It can be a mother,
daughter, wife, or a sister. They must be respected in all forms but in today’s
society many of them are experiencing harassment, battering, sexual assault,
verbal abuse, or also called violence. It increases every year, but many of the
victims tend to be quiet, trapped and even chose not to seek for help.

In the Philippines,
where women’s are strong, respected by men and treated like a queen, still
faced the issue of violence against women. All sorts of violence are
experienced around the country that made an alarm to the government and the
society.  Due to the awareness and growth
of violence against women, government and non-government organizations are
formed to advocate the rights of every women, they also provide programs that
will help the victims and survivors with their cases.

The Women Crisis
Center, a facility provided for victims and survivors that enables them to
interact with each other, through counselling programs, seminar programs,
skills enhancing activities and other activities that may also help them get
through the physical and psychological trauma that they have. Most of the
abused women ran away from home or homeless, the center can also be a temporary
shelter for the victims, while they are going through treatment and programs. The
Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) proposed the facility from
Region 1 to Region 13, which proves that the project is significant in the

In line to the
Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of the United Nations, Goal No. 5, Achieve
gender equality and empower all women and girls. It is to ensure the rights of
abused women in Cebu, in order for them to have the justice and support that
they need. The project relate to the goal in terms of giving them support and
help, that will fuel them to stand again, which can impact the economy as
well.  Lastly, Goal No. 16, Promotes
just, peaceful and inclusive societies. With the center not just providing
treatment but helping the women’s to have their justice and advocate to end

On the previous
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2017 Women and the Economy forum held
at Hue City, Vietnam on September 29, 2017, discussed the prevention of
violence against women and girls. Where economies were told to provide services
aligned in preventing violence against women. It is said to be that women’s
must be involved in all forms in the society and must receive equal right like

From the past
decades, women organizations strive to provide services and shelters for the
abused. Globally, the first women’s centre was founded in Hounslow, Great
Britain in 1971. Through the years it expands from one country to another, that
help many women. Locally,  the first
facility for abused women in the Philippines is the Women Crisis Center located
at Vito Cruz, Manila established 1989.

Due to the increasing
rate of Violence Against Women, concludes how to stop the uncontrollable cases
spreading in the country. The effect on women’s and girls

Thus, this
research aims to proposed a facility for the abused which is the Cebu Women
Crisis Center, an Innovative Shelter and Treatment Facility, 

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