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Changes in weight
are used as a marker for checking animal health status, and the reduction in
body weight is used as an indicator worsening of experimental rats during the
experimental period (Brzoska et al. (2003).
 In Figure 1, the significant (p0.05) difference in the relative and absolute
kidney weights of the rats may probably due to the short duration of feeding
the rats with the crude oil contaminated catfish  diet. The relative brain weight was low
variably when compare to the relative liver weight and relative kidney weight,
this may be due to the fact that the brain is not considered to be affected or
influenced by nutritional factors (Long et
al., 1998).

In Figure 2, the data obtained in the study revealed that there
was a  reduction in the concentration of
the haematological parameters analyzed in rat fed  crude oil contaminated diet. It is obvious
that rat fed  crude oil catfish
contaminated diet caused a significant reduction (p

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