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Castillo 1Marlon Castillo Ashley QuinnEnglish 1112/13/2017Lies and Deceit People try to hide things in this world thinking that nobody is ever going to find out, but before they know it the truth is already coming out their own mouths. F. Scott Fitzgerald shows a great understanding about lies and deceit in the novel “The Great Gatsby,” for example Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby.  The outcome of lies and deception can lead to fights and sometimes even harsh tragedies. Both Tom and Gatsby were deceiving in order for them to get their loved ones. Tom wanted Myrtle and Jay wanted Daisy. “You see,” stated Catherine. She lowered her voice again. “It’s really his wife that’s keeping them apart. She’s a Catholic, and they don’t believe in divorce.” (Fitzgerald 2). According to Catherine, Tom doesn’t want to file a divorce paper because Daisy doesn’t believe in that, but the truth is Tom want to be with Myrtle completely. Jay Gatsby quoted, “Oh, I’ve been in several things, I was in the drug business and then I was in the oil business. But I’m not in either one now.”(Fitzgerald 5) Gatsby lies about him not being in those industries, even though Wolfshine and him are still doing that stuff. He just doesn’t want Daisy to find out because she would look at him differently Jay Gatsby was one of the characters who would lie a lot, not knowing that one day or another those lies were gonna come out as the truth. J. Scott Fitzgerald states, “My family have Castillo 2been prominent, well done people in this Middle Western city for three generations.” (2). Jay put on the impression that he was born from a wealthy family and all the riches were passed down to three generation, making him wealthy. It’s not good to lie like this because the truth later came out and made Gatsby look like a total fool. His bootlegging made him go far though.Tom failed to realize the consequences that would happen when he made up that big lie. For example in the film Tom states to George, “It was a man that goes by the name of Gatsby who was driving the car.” Tom didn’t even know who was driving in the first place. Why would he need to lie about that without knowing the truth. Tom got into George’s head in order for him to act on his anger. George then found the guy that goes by the name Gatsby and shot him in the head. Conclusion Conclusion Conclusion Conclusion………

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