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Cancer is a very complicated and
diverse disease making it a very difficult illnesses to treat. There
are many types of cancer, each different and unique. In order to
effectively treat any disease, one must first understand how it
works. In a healthy body, as cells grow old or become damaged, they
die and new, healthy cells take their place. However, when cancer
develops this process is dangerously altered. Instead of the old,
defective cells dying off, they continue to live. These mutated cells
continue to reproduce, passing on their altered DNA and new cells
aren’t made to replace them. These clusters of extra cells can form
solid masses of tissue called tumors. Cancers of the blood however,
generally do not create solid tumors as in the cause of leukemia.
What makes cancer so difficult to treat is the fact that each cell is
different. Cancer cells are heterogeneous, even within the same tumor
makes it all that much more difficult. What this means is that you
can get 5 different types of cells that have become cancerous
multiplying within the same tumor all with different mutations. As
cancer cells reproduce, genetic mutations increase allowing
duplication, deletions, inversions and insertions of DNA to the
gnome. In addition to this, cancerous tumors are malignant allowing
them to invade nearby tissues. Cancer cells can break away from the
tumor and spread to further parts of the body through the blood and
lymph systems to create new tumors. The rapid rate that cancer cells
reproduce poses another challenge for treatment as it can make it
nearly impossible to destroy all the cells. Current cancer treatments
are not very effective because of these reasons. Cancer cells often
manage to evade or even suppress the immune system preventing the
body from being able to fight it off. All of these things make cancer
treatments complicated and inefficient. This is why a treatment that
can successfully kill off multiple types of cancer is so desperately

Current cancer treatments include:
surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted
therapy, hormone therapy and stem cell transplant. These current
therapies are not effective for most cancers and in many cases, cause
severe damage to the healthy tissues. On top of that, the side
effects can, at times, be worse than the disease itself. Radiation
and chemotherapy treatments cause healthy cell death which causes
severe side effects such as hair loss, fatigue, nausea, vomiting,
blurred vision, swelling, severe pain, and infertility to list a few.
It is commonly known that a patients mental health greatly impacts
their recovery. When quality of life has been diminished so severely,
it causes seriously concerns for patient’s mental health and thus for
their physical health as well. The side effects of current cancer
therapies may extend a person’s life and reduce the risks of cancer
returning, however the side effects affect are nearly as damaging to
the person’s quality of life. This is why more effective and safer
treatments need to be found and the answer is in nature. Cancer and
tumor cells evade growth suppression signals, they evade programmed
cell death, induce angiogensis, and sustain proliferative signals.

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Over 75% of current treatments are
derived from natural sources. Nature has been providing treatments to
human ailments for thousands of years. Cultures all across the world
have been using herbal remedies to combat various illnesses.
Currently, research is focused on find new and more effective
chemotherapeutic agents with little to no associate toxicity for the
patient. With the goal of having little or no toxicity for the
patient, more research has turned to natural health products.
Research into these natural sources is working on identifying
specific herbs that can stop the survival of cancer cells and also
selectively and effectively eradicate cancer cells.

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