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Canada follows a political system that is based upon a democratic system. Democratic systems mean that the Canadian citizens have the right and power to choose who represents and governs their country. Canada contains parliament’s lower house that contains representatives representing different electoral district for any law to be passed. Each law is elected by the majority rule in the Parliament.No system is perfect which causes troubles during the times of wars. Some representatives might disagree with a law while some agree with this. This might conclude in a delay of the vote. During the times of war, the government cannot afford any delay and might end up violating the definition of a democratic system in order to provide security for the country. During the times like this, the government might enact War Measures Act which was once used during the three major events; World War I, World War II, and October Crisis. War Measures Act is a federal statute that was adopted by Parliament in 1914 after the uprising of First World War. It gave Canadian government powers to maintain peace, order, and security during the wartime and times of crisis. Even though some citizens believe the act was wrong, the War Measures Act was a beneficial act for the government and the country as it helps to protect Canada and its citizens. Even though it caused short-term harms. It was really beneficial during the times of First and Second World War, and October Crisis. (246)First World WarWar Measures Act was created when Great Britain entered the First World War in August 1914. The Canadian government decided to gain power and control over the affairs of the country in order to successfully fight in the war without issues about military equipment, food, shortage of soldiers, etc.  The Act allowed the government to carry out any actions needed to secure, defend, create peace, order and welfare in Canada.Prisoners and Forced LabourWhen War Measures Act came into force, Canadian government arrested enemy aliens and forced them to fill in jobs in order to protect and maintain the military. ( Approximately 8,579 people were listed as  enemy aliens and were authorized internment. Enemy aliens consisted of nationals of German, Turkish and Austro-Hungarian empires. These prisoners were supposed to report to the government every day.The government arrested people if they had reasonable grounds to believe that they were engaged in any kind of illegal activities or were planning against Canada. 5,000 of the prisoners were Ukrainian while others were Germans, Italians, Poles, Turks, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Russians, Croatians, and Jews. Enemy aliens were also forced to fill in jobs due to shortage of workers such as road building, maintaining, mining and railway construction due to the shortage of workers. In total, 24 internment camps were established. Arresting people who were suspects was a great move by the government as it assured Canada’s battle strategy will not be leaked out to Germany or other countries and it assured that suspected people will not turn Canadian citizens against the government. It allowed the military to focus on the government rather than in-country issues and when free labor filled in the jobs, it made men to sign up as a soldier rather than filling in those jobs. A huge amount of money was saved too that was spent on the military maintenance during the war.

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