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Can Men be Feminist Theory

There are possibly several meanings of the term feminism
and feminist based theory as there are persons who announce themselves as they
are feminists. Ben Agger (1998) says that the main success of the feminist theory is to create the politic of gender and
sex and dominant to thoughtful domination. Though, the feminist theory is not just around the consideration but
then again also about the actions. The main aim of the feminist plan is to
terminate the domination of the women and to achieve the socially based equities in them(Robinson & Richardson, 2015).

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The policy of patriarchy have repressed the voices of
women and dominates the social study and social based action for the welfare of
males and disadvantage for the females. Therefore it might be difficult for certain people that the white male in the patriarchal based society, are
working very hard to describe the role of males
in the feminism, which were born-out from the women-movement.
It is vital for the males to become a part of the feminist activity. If feminism is to achieve its aims to be a
redemptive female, males must also be-be part of this struggle. Certainly, males perhaps have more obligation for the finalizing the domination of the women as
masculine males have been the key committees
of that domination. However, could men do this by turning out to be

However I believe
that males could be anti-sexist and pro-feminist, I don’t believes that males
could be feminists in the firmest sense of the world in the society of today. Males, in this male-controlled system, could
not eliminate themselves from their influence and honour in relative to that of women. To become a feminist, a
person should be an associate of the directed group (that is a woman) not only as
the subject of classification(Abbott, Tyler, & Wallace, 2006).

A vibrant similarity could be made amongst the male pro-feminism and anti-racism. Males could
not be feminists any more than that of
white people that could be black-nationalists. Though, males could be pro-feminist and white people could be pro-black
nationalists. Simultaneously it is not sufficient to just be the associate of
the marginalized minority to become
either a black-nationalist or the feminist. Feminism, similar to that of
black-nationalism needs political awareness and also the engagement.

Sexism confines roles for males along with that of
females. However although sexism influences women further harmfully as compare
to that of males, it further disturbs every woman differently. Several women adopt sexist philosophies and
obedient conducts to the greater extent
as compare to others and could not hold feminism.

Sexism undesirably effects
males by enforcing them to a hyper-maleness which involves higher risk behaviours and confines their emotional
expressions as a complete human-beings. Though, despite all of these and
further subordinate effects of the sexism, males still get advantages from patriarchy (the community-based
scheme of sexism) whether or not males
could select to contest sexism in themselves or others. Females, and feminists especially, face
the negative primary-effects of sexism and anger of patriarchal community when
they struggle for their conquered community role and mostly also when they do
not. Consequently, if males could not be
feminists how could, the man could be the part of the feminist agency(Mügge & De Jong, 2013).

Men in the Movement of Feminist?

Feminist-discourse may even have a further appropriate effect on males as compared to that of women. Several women know that they are in trouble by the patriarchy. They have life-experiences of the
belongings to the oppressed-group and have further probable shared personal
tales that disclose their injuries from the patriarchy. Whereas males are less possible to identify their gender-based
privilege and maybe have not shared their tales
of injured women with the help of their particular domineering conduct neither have, they mourned with the other males over
the harms that they have initiated to the females. Susceptible, agreeable conduct is not
usually acknowledged as manly in the present’s culture. However, I believe that actual
feminism is not only about listening personal tales but further about altering
the structures of the gender-based
relations and actions to eradicate all types of patriarchy(Charles, 2002).

Unluckily, several sections of the
male’s program, for example male’s right collections and groups of Robert Bly’s
mythopoeic program, appear to be less intensive on undoing patriarchy and
further focuses on it, in the bell hook’s words in the year 1992, “the
production of a kind of masculinity that can be safely expressed within
patriarchal boundaries”. She
more-ever clarifies that the terrifying
feature of the modern male’s program, especially
as it is expressed in the famous culture, is the de-politicization of the efforts to eradicate sexism and sexist
based cruelty and the replacement of that struggles with the emphasis on the
individual self-actualization. She has
also suggested that the male’s program must not be separated from that of
movement of women however instead turn out to be a section in the largest feminist program. In this technique, males should not be taking main phase in the other part of the life of women letting a somewhat further
understated type of command to be continued(Connell, 2012).

Paul Smith, who is the co-authored of the book Men in
Feminism has recommended lately in Cultronix that males must not be in feminism
but adjacent. He has challenged males to
think of the feminism that is working
with them. However, this could not be finished without changes, not only how males relate
to other males, but how males relate
themselves to the females also. Maybe males require
being “monists,” that supports females in their feminist based works whereas
permitting feminism to works on them,
inspiring themselves and other males to
ends patriarchy. In this method, feminist
based theories and practices would be the facilitator for redemptive both women
and men from their preventive gender-based roles and the arrangement of
patriarchy(Pearse & Connell, 2016).

Could Men Do Feminist Theory?

Some practical theories for the social based changes
should deliver somewhat for the majority if not all are the followers of the
community. Philosophies which uses intellectual and discriminatory linguistic
would not be available to the burdened groups most
in need of the social based justice. A
decent theory, afterword, would further have numerous layers of emails for different types of social groups.
However several essential feminists might take
the essential stance that the
construction of feminist theory is only thinkable by the women other than
feminists would maintain that males could contribute to the feminist based theories,
in several circumstances. Alison Jaggar (1988) pronounces that these circumstances as follows: males would have to
study the text of female, a procedure that would necessitate as a minimum as considerable humbleness and obligation as that
required by Anglo/white female to
comprehend the experience of female of colour (Delamont, 2003).

What should be the Role of Men
with Feminist?

As recommended by Alison Jaggar and many others people,
males should firstly learn the text of feminist theory. This study
should not only comprise of the customary
understanding of important works in the
feminist theories by the feminist writers, however, should further include the study of political and social experiences from
the perspective of feminist. Males must
look up to the feminist females when
inscription about the feminist theory. Males
must further support the further writing
of feminist-based theories by the female and challenging other males to understand feminist theory as the sincere and essential exercise that trials
males to end-up patriarchy. Especially, males
are required to involve with the feminist based theories
and practices, permitting its work on them, to
release all of the genders and to build a community that is built on the justice and sustained with the
help of love(Evans & Williams, 2013).

An optimistic creation of Male Feminist Thoughts should do further
than just avoiding the problems of Male-Feminist information. It should further seek
to figure a precarious feminist based agenda in which both women and men could analyze male honour
and challenging established patriarchy. Constructing from Feminist Standpoint Epistemology, men’s Feminist have
initiated to progress a “Progressive Male Standpoint”. In quarrelling for the
Progressive Male Standpoint, Larry May has suggested that the prototype of Male
Feminist-Thought has four extents:

·      information
of the freedom afforded and domination that is rooted in maleness is discovered in individual experience,

·      Information is created with the help of precarious likeness on that
involvement, likeness that focused on the male gender part and oppression of
the oppression of women.

·      There
is ethical inspiration to alter the environments that describe patriarchy

·       There are useful suggestions that might be
further credible by the males when accessible by the male Feminists. The
Progressive Male Standpoint, consequently, rights that males have personal information of the gender-based oppression owed to their exclusive knowledge as the oppressor in the present gender-based hierarchy(Holmes, 2007).

This individual information, reached over
both critical reflection and experience from the feminist viewpoint, let’s man
Feminists make a policy to alter their roles in reifying predominant schemes of
patriarchy while as working with the female Feminists to weaken these schemes. Moreover, male that is located in the Progressive Male Standpoint
has the ethical inspiration to verify and acts on their liberal policy, that
works to inspire males to examine their involvements of honour and parts as oppressors of females. This position provides
male Feminists with an epistemological,
theoretical, and radical basis for pursuing gender-based
equity. Enlightened Male Position is essential for the answerable and
optimistic preparation of Male-Feminist-Thought. Male-Feminist-Thought should
be present in the real experiences of male contributing in their advantaged gender-based
roles whereas lasting unfavourable
thoughtful of these involvements(Holmes, 2008).


Feminist males find themselves in a strange place of being both enemy and ally.
They find themselves in problematic serious space in which
Feminist-thought lights forms of the oppression that dominates the society whereas at the similar time portrays a man and the masculine as evil or bad. Though, the answerable man Feminist could
make affords to a liberal and optimistic theory of the Male Feminist Thought.
Male-Feminist Thought permits males to raise their prejudice, understanding
their skills inside male-controlled arrangements of oppression, and makes
efforts to the gender-based equity,
though remains precarious of their particular roles in the reifying and
deflation masculine freedom. More ever, Male-Feminist Thought could irradiate
many practices of maleness and the many commencements of maleness that is held by males in numerous social situations.
The propagation of maleness and femaleness could efficiently challenge present
beliefs of hegemonic masculinity knowledge in addition to categorized gender-binaries.

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