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California wildfires have destroyed 1,000 structures … and counting This article discusses the six wildfires that are happening in Southern California at this moment. These devastating wildfires have burned land over 240,000 acres which is larger than all of New York City and only 20% of these fires are contained. The six fires that are currently happening are Thomas Fire located in Ventura, Creek Fire located in Los Angeles County, Rye Fire also located in Los Angeles County, Liliac Fire located in San Diego County, Skirball Fire located in Brentwood, and Liberty Fire located in Riverside. Due to these fires more than 1,000 structures have burned down. This Article is informing us that wildfires are dangerous but Southern California wildfires are even more dangerous due to dry air, winds, and california’s geography. Southern California’s humidity level have been low these past two weeks which is making the air dry. Dry air allows fires to spread easier. The major reason the fires have been spreading over 240,000 acres is due to the wind; wind peaks have gusts of 85 mph in ventura which encourages the spread of fire. Lastly the wildfires spreading are due to California geography because as the wind pushes through the coastal mountain it warms up and picks us speed. I chose this Article because I have family members that were personally affected with the california fires. This article stuck out to me because of how massive this fire really is. It has burned land that is bigger than New York which I can not wrap my mind around. I can apply the  wildfire to the civil war because the devastation that has been caused on our wildlife is almost equivalent to the devastation the civil war caused to people.Once a Long Shot, Democrat Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senate Race The article states that democratic former prosecutor Doug Jones won the senate election in the state of Alabama. This victory reduces the republican senate majority to one seat, his opponent Roy Moore has been acused numerous times of sexaul asault against young girls. Local celebrity known as Charles Barkley backed senate Doug Jones which helped gain support black voters. Due to the backlash if Moore were elected their would be numerous ongoing investigations.Although the article remains neutral politically, the author suggests that the results of this election was an upset because Moore was expected to win. The fact that a democrat won the election of the senate creates more balance politically in congress. Even though there were many sexual allegations against Moore people remained loyal to their political party. The large turnout of black voter swayed the election to a democratic victory.I chose this article because of how unexpected it is for a democrat to win in a conservative state. It also shows how powerful the black vote is in America. Its incredible that 92% of black men and 98% of black women voted for Jones. This victory of Jones shows how far we have come in America especially in the south when, united as one voice, black people black people can determine the outcome of an election.   Net neutrality: The internet holds its breath In 1934 the Communications Act was signed for companies providing telecommunications with no discrimination or influence. The question arises; should the same law apply to companies that provide the internet in America? In a tweet from Ro Khanna stating, that in Portugal a country without net neutrality are splitting the net into packages which limits access. The chairman on the FCC Ajit Pai appointed by Trump is a former lawyer for Verizon which is one of the largest telecom companies in the world. Republicans believe that ending net neutrality would create many business opportunities for investment and innovation. The author, while slightly for maintaining net neutrality, attempts to present both sides of the argument he states that pioneers of the internet believe that ending net neutrality will create a “catrastify.” On the other side proponents on ending net neutrality will create a stronger and more innovative internet. Proponents also believe that ending net neutrality could create new internet providers. Net neutrality is becoming a political issue because republicans one thing (ending net neutrality) and democrats want another (maintaining net neutrality).  I chose this article because this decision with affect everybody the in the united states, also if it net neutrality were to end it would affect student all around the country. Another reason why net neutrality is important because the internet was intended for free speech. If net neutrality were to end the internet would become a platform for large corporate interests. This ties with history because it disobeys the first amendment.           Women detail sexual allegations against Trump On Monday December 11, a group of women held a press conference to publicly accuse President Trump of sexual assault. In total, at least 15 women have publicly accused trump of either sexual harassment or assault. This has come to light in the midst of other high profile stories of men being accused of sexual assault. The press secretary holds that President Trump continues to deny all of the accusations. The article also discusses Trump’s suspicious behavior during beauty pageants. The author goes into depth on the accusers on what the accusers have to say regarding Trump’s lewd behavior. Throughout the article the author displays so many vivid accounts from the accusers that it convinces the readers into believing that at least some of these accusations are true. While Trump continues to deny the allegations, he has yet to take any legal action to prove they are wrong, which suggests that he perhaps has something to hide. This article is informing us that these allegations against Trump are hurting him politically, for example two democratic senators are calling for his resignation over these accusations. I chose this article because nobody, not even the president of the United States, should be able to get away with sexual assault. This article stands out to me because Trump down played these allegations as “locker room talk.” While nothing has been proven all women should be heard. This relates to history because people can not take away someone’s right to stand up for themselves as slaveholders did to slaves.    Bitcoin’s value is skyrocketing — here’s how to figure out if you should sell The article opens with an astonishing claim that, “If you had invested $100 in bitcoin seven years ago, it would be worth around $28 million today.” the article goes on to discuss the realistic issue as to whether or not people should or should not sell their bitcoin. Investors who stay with bitcoin have the potential to make a lot of money. According to the article, bitcoin is “up more than 1500% from last year.” Not everybody believes in this cryptocurrency for example JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon believes bitcoin is a fraud.  Despite the CEO of JPMorgan calling it a Fraud the author portrays bitcoin as a serious investment. The author gives the reader sound investment advice stating that investors could sell a small portion of their shares, but should hold onto the majority of it. Throughout the article the authors remains positive about bitcoin because the author believes it has the potential to grow. As with any investment the risk for lose is present.  I chose this article because it’s fascinating that Bitcoin is being treated like any other large investment. It raises the issue that we are moving into a more online society where virtual value has real value. This relates to history because traditionally money was backed by gold. As society progresses money has a more symbolic value. The danger of this cryptocurrency is that one can lose money in a matter of seconds.   2 People, Not Students, Reportedly Killed in Murder-Suicide at Penn State Satellite Campus December 13, in the afternoon there was a shooting at a Penn State satellite campus. The victim was a food service employ, while the shooter was identified as her estranged husband. According to the article he killed himself after killing her. Neither person was a student. The shooting occurred outside of the food services building.The article is pretty matter of a fact in terms of the tragedy that occurred. The author does not tie the event to other mass shooting that have occured recently. As of now there are not many details informing the readers as to why this tragedy occured. Fortunately there were no other casualties.      This article is important because these events should not go unreported. Even though the body count is not high, we still need to be reminded that this is an issue we are facing in today’s world. This article sticks out to me because it raises the issue of gun control and domestic violence. This relates to history because it shows that the second amendment should be reexamined.       Russia Is Banned From 2018 Olympics; Athletes Told To Compete Under Olympic Flag     This article talks about how the Olympic Russian team was banned in playing in the 2018 Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea due to the athletes using performance enhancing drugs. After this scandal came out many of the Russian athletes did not agree with the punishment. Many thought that it was unfair because not all the athletes used these perform enhancing drugs. The IOC of South Korea came to an agreement in letting the Russian athletes to compete under one condition, they may not compete under their flag, they must compete under the name, “Olympic Athlete from Russia (OAR).”This article is informing us that the act these russian athletes portrayed is a huge offence for athletes all around the world. IOC President Thomas Bach states, “As an athlete myself, I’m feeling very sorry for all the clean athletes,” later in the article it states that Russia has a widespread culture for doping. During the investigation on the russian athletes they did not find any solid evidence to permanently ban them. These allegations have resulted in Russian athletes losing their medals from the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi, Russia. I chose this article because cheating and doping is a large issue athletes face today. This article stood out to me because it is unfair for Athletes who have trained their whole life preparing for the largest and greatest sporting event in the world, lose to a person who cheated their way to the top. I feel like the IOC have made the wrong decision to allow the russian athletes to compete because they could have the potential to take away a medal from a person who has worked hard. Lastly, I believe that the IOC has made the wrong decision because in any sport organization, a sign of a foreign drug results in an immediate suspension.   Alabama Women ‘Make a Stand’ in First Election of the #MeToo Era article talks about the recent election of Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama. Women in Alabama joined the #MeToo movement and worked hard to keep Jones’ opponent, Republican Roy S. Moore, from winning office due to allegations against him about the sexual misconduct of minors. Women provided the majority of votes that resulted in Moore’s win. Even though Alabama is a strong Republican state, many women said they did not want to support someone who had such awful claims made against him.Although the author of the article does not take a certain stance or voice their opinion in the matter, it is clear that the article is trying to inform us of the change that is happening in the world today. Voting a democrat into Senate in Alabama is revolutionary because it is a very conservative state. The last time the state voted for a Democratic senator was in 1992. This milestone shows that people are choosing to put aside their political loyalties to vote for the better candidate.      I chose this article because I was very happy to hear that a Democrat won in Alabama. I think it is also important to notice the strength that women have when they come together because they were the main reason why Jones won the Senate seat over Moore. I am happy that such big strides are being made in our country and that people are now voting for what is right instead of voting for the person in the party that they are affiliated with. This relates to what we are learning in class because during the civil war, women fought to be freed as these women fought to be heard.  Will Trump’s Lows Ever Hit Rock Bottom? This article talks about how Trump continuously says and does things that anyone else would say is “rock bottom” for a president. Recently, he tweeted something that implied a US senator would trade sexual favors for support in her campaign. The author of this article argues that Trump intentionally uses sexist language in his social media posts, especially to upset people as our country is in the middle of the #MeToo movement. The author then goes on to list of what Trump has done since he was elected into office that show a lack of ethics and morality, ranging from enthusiastically backing Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race to refusing to release his tax returns to the public. The author of this article clearly hates Trump. They believe he will not hit “rock bottom” since he continuously hits “rock bottom” each week. They think that even though presidents such as Bush and Obama have made questionable decisions in office like breaking promises and telling lies, they were still good human beings. Trump, they argue, is “uniquely awful.” I chose this article because I believe that Trump’s presidency is one of the main issues our nation faces today. He continues to make bad decisions that I feel embarrass all of us as a nation. It was interesting for me to read a list of all that he is done in the last 11 months to make over 1,600 false statement in his last 268 days. This just shows how bad America has messed up.Chris Froome: Tour de France champion failed a drug test Chris froome, a 32 year old who is a four time champion of the Tour de France has been found with double the legal amount of the asthma drug Salbutamol in his urine. Froome is the most successful cyclist from britain who has just recently won the Tour de France in july. Through his career as a cyclist he has struggled with asthma and it keeps on getting worse.    

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